Reasons Why Iphone Developers Are Still Sticking To The

Mobil-Computing Apple and iOS have been lately going through a flux as the platform is seeing a lot of pressure from rival Android for the top spot. Over the years the static UI of iOS with rows of icons has somehow become stale in the eyes of many users. Android on the other hand has an open source overview and gives a lot of features to its developers to build applications for the platform. There have been many analysts that have criticized Apple over the past year for keeping its platform under a lot of regulations which has made it very difficult for the developers to publish applications on its app store. But as it turns out, iOS is still the most popular platform for developing apps among the developers and many of them are still preferring it over the rest. There are many reason for this undying love between iPhone app developers and iOS due to which it will never become a thing of the past. Innovation factor of Apple: The Cupertino company as we know it, has been known for bringing out various innovative products that change the technology market overall. With frequent updates involving hardware upgrades as well as software, it surely is the most followed technology brand. With iPhone the company changed the smartphone market as a whole and iPad led to a new paradigm that very few people thought could change the mobile computing. On the software front, the mobile assistance called Siri was surely a big leap of innovation, which gave iOS a whole new meaning. Developers have been able to tap into this factor and have created some impeccable applications. Keeping the trend in mind, the developers are sure that Apple would never stop innovating and continue to come up with more innovative products that would widen the scope of development for them. No one can match the quality that Apple puts in its products: When Steve Jobs launched the first iteration of iPhone in 2007, he was clear that it will be a premium product. The following products like iPod and iPad have also gone on the same path. Apple never compromises with the quality of its products. This is also true for the software front of iOS, which has been known for its fluidic UX design and intuitive UI. Apple has stringent quality measures in place as far as its app store is concerned. Due to this reason the applications for iOS is far superior to those on other platforms. Apple does not have fragmentation issue like its nearest rival: Android which is considered to be the arch nemesis of iOS has been criticized for its fragmentation issue. There are a slew of android devices which has made it the market leader as far as number of user base is concerned. But due to the fact that it does not manage the update cycle of all of its devices, there is a huge void present, as there are still many devices running on age old android 2.3 while the platform has moved on to android 4.2. This poses a lot of headache for developers who have to deal with this fragmentation issue as they are unable to utilize the full capabilities of software as well as hardware. iOS on the other hand manages to timely update all of it devices, which nullifies the fragmentation issue. The sleek interface of iOS: When it come to fluidity and intuitiveness, nothing can beat iOS. The operating system is easy to use and boast of latest functionality with each update. This intrigues the interest of ios apps developer to develop applications that can utilize various features of the OS. Overall iOS is a niche product and has a huge support of app developers globally. Although Apple is going through a period of slump, the app store is still boasting of the largest database of mobile applications. There is no denying the fact that no other platform is able to monetize applications and generate revenue from it, the way Apple does. This is probably the biggest factor why iOS will always be a preferred platform as far as developers are concerned. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: