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Remember: keep your dreams they are not qualified to accuse you of LPL interpretation LMS audience remember being cynical, because actually remember to leave the LMS LPL to the larger stage, they think that the recall is in over his conscience to make money. He admits that he is remembered in the mainland a lot of pressure, sometimes will collapse to want to cry, and the LMS division of the old audience… For some people to leave the hometown… Dream of the hearts of the most beautiful dream and strive for the goal, they have to leave their homeland, bid farewell to the family, alone in struggle, wake up every day in the rental housing on the bed. These people can be found everywhere, such as Mr. LPL. He is the student finance department at National Taiwan University, he was the first to explain the LMS division, but life is a dream to work in all the process is rough, the price is often unable to imagine. Leave, only to greater stage when the 2016 world finals last places C9 team released, fans all over the world are on the strength of the team and the group of death in the heat, but in the Taiwan forum has a waves rise. A photo from the LMS division of the commentary published in LMS and host Tommy regional qualifiers after the end, he bowed to the empty hall after the game. Tommy is currently the most popular LMS division that many Hong Kong and Macao who thought he would like the game player hair, remember to leave LMS, have spoken. After all, in many of the original GPL League staff rushed to the big stage, LMS is a division. Of course, there are also some fans want Tommy to pursue their own dreams, a better future prospects is also a good thing. But there are also some of the audience that Tommy and hair, remember to higher income from Taiwan, then verbally ridiculed. Finally Tommy under pressure, in the live and even tears, said he would not leave the LMS division. He admitted that he was considering leaving LMS this season because of too much pressure and some setbacks. Instead of paying attention to the value, E-sports is his dream, he hopes to work with their own people, and remember that he is a person of worship. So some emotional radical Internet users will spearhead the division this year at LPL fornarrating before LMS Division said this explanation remember, remember to give up LMS for LPL’s approach is to cover their conscience to make money. Public opinion pressure makes people doubt about the recall, perhaps before this year many viewers do not understand, to remember a few years ago and has long hair is very famous heroes union match commentary and Hongkong Macao comments, especially remember to articulate and amazing speed is known, he is able to accurately analysis teamfight details and insight into the game trend. Is the best explanation in the eyes of many game player. In this year, remember to leave Taiwan to Shanghai, from the original LCS and LCK slowly into the LPL League League live commentary commentary, which is to pay a lot of effort, after all, Taiwan and the clothes in skills, the name of great hero. But also through their outstanding performance to win the recognition of most of the LPL audience, the ability to control the field and language organizations can be相关的主题文章: