Romance and passion Chery voice cool running Festival Dalian city car Sohu – Hey

Romance and passion "Chery voice cool running Festival" Dalian city car Sohu – Hey love Dalian, love the passion and romance of love; love running, most of the sweat dripping. Only enough to love fever in October 29th, Chery automobile connecting rod Migu good run "Forte cool running Festival" third stations in Dalian, Donggang Business District light music fountain square cool open. Encounter the romantic Dalian in Dalian where the most fresh air, in the picturesque coastline, wanton run can not help people to look forward to? More than 5000 runners, 3 kilometers of track, and AI Ruize 5, Tiggo 7 run together for the dream! Activities also invited to the The Voice of China popular student Zhang Wei, Chinese song sound popular student Wu Yingxiang love back, let the music audio-visual feast hi turn the Chery! In romantic Dalian, Dalian is the first international tourist city garden, fresh air, beautiful environment, very suitable for running sports. More importantly, Dalian is Chery’s second home: located in Dalian Free Trade Zone, Chery’s Dalian production base is Chery’s benchmark factory, is accelerating towards an annual output of 100 thousand vehicle plant ranks. The music run, Xuandong youthful half past three in the afternoon, with the world’s best music sound, the venue quickly became the release of youthful passion and vitality of the sea, the runners to cheers as one falls, another rises. In the professional led by coach, runners up along the musical fountain of cool running while admiring a beautiful blue sea, with deep breathing lung wash! The bustling crowd: cool blue T-shirt dress uniform, uniform and the footsteps of young men and women companions, doomed this journey is not the same! Along the way, by AI Ruize 5 and Tiggo 7 brilliant leader, led the team to run the night shuttle in Dalian city under the night sky, not only to illuminate the road ahead, with runners with fearless, wonderful. In order to make every runner out of passion, ran out of joy, fun games and activities specially prepared photo interactive surprises, more dynamic and hot dance, the high value of the beauty of Dalian Yan Ran group training approach, feel the youth beautiful fashion. Fluorescence run a grand Music Carnival began, by The Voice of China popular student Zhang Wei, Chinese song sound student Wu Yingxiang the audience sing a popular song, applause and cheers will be the climax of passion can be heard without end. As China Mobile Migu good run strategic partner, Chery this year’s hot 2 product AI Ruize 5 and Tiggo 7 flagship young fashion line, lock the sunlight confident, brave young people chasing the dream, not only will lead the spirit into the product itself, but also transfer to the city, bring more vitality and joy. 5 Erize Chery Tiggo 7 "voice cool running Festival Dalian Railway Station has ended, the future will also work with young people work together to lead the forward, live wonderful yao. Next, Chery’s forte cool running Festival "will be in Qingdao, Xiamen and other 5 to continue running! At the same time also will be invited to the 2016 Zhejiang satellite TV "new song" China popular students to join the "Forte cool running Festival", for the majority of runners strong!相关的主题文章: