Rumors Nintendo switch 6.2 inch 720p touch screen with ten inches vstart

Rumors Nintendo Switch using 6.2 inch 720P touch screen has been recently speculated that Nintendo’s new host Switch (code NX) screen related parameters, in the end with the use of touch screen? Although the official did not officially open hardware parameters, but this time the rumors seem to be more reliable. Rumors Nintendo Switch screen for 720P resolution 6.2 inches with multiple sources outside media Eurogamer confirmed that Nintendo Switch uses a 720P resolution of 6.2 inches display. This display has the current mainstream tablet, smart phones, like the multi touch function, the maximum support for 10 touch points. Although Nintendo has been shown in the trailer using the Joy-Con handle to play the game scene, does not involve any touch operation. But at this time, even if the touch is not the main purpose, to screen with touch function is also more and more natural. Nintendo had previously claimed that the first Switch is a home machine, the use of the base can be connected to the TV Switch. But Switch as a home machine and WiiU is different, at the same time only one screen to display information, you will not be like WiiU need to watch TV and Pad screen on the screen. The Nintendo Switch right hand Joy-Con handle with an infrared sensor is also notable for the Switch’s right hand Joy-Con handle, which is said to contain a short distance infrared sensor. It is possible to use the right hand handle to simulate a simple touch operation on tv. Nintendo has announced that it will further disclose the details of the Switch in January 12, 2017, including the price, the sale date, the game lineup, etc.. Switch plans to launch in March 2017. (source: VG247 editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: