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UnCategorized There is the big picture; the Universe and the small picture; us. If we understand and accept that the big picture has an affect on the small picture, we also understand the need to work with this power instead of against it. The Universe affects us all, every moment of our lives. Harnessing this power will give us the control over our lives that we desire. Without it, we are on a run-away train. Astrology is one of the tools we use to help us understand this concept. We are given a Zodiac sign at birth which helps us understand who we are and why we have certain traits. It also helps us understand how we think, feel, and act. When we ask "What’s your sign?" we are seeking insight necessary in any relationship. This small piece of information together with a little intuition can be very powerful. 1.Zodiac Sun Sign Although we are prone to certain strengths and weaknesses based on our birth sign, we have the power to improve on them as we mature. We also have the power to learn other virtues, besides those that .e naturally. This enables us to acquire those sought after traits we admire in others. 2.Know Thy Self Astrology shortens the learning curve when getting to know ourselves and others in our life. The first order of business is to know thy self. During our life, we will ask others for their opinion and we may or may not be influenced by it. If we don’t like what one person says, we will ask another. We might continue this process until we find the answer that we want to hear. We are better equipped to answer these questions ourselves, since we are the only ones that know what we want to hear. Look inward for the answers and they will be true. We have the power of the Universe on our side. 3.Understanding We are not alone. Our relationship with others is essential to our survival. Once we have an understanding of ourselves, we need to understand others in our life. Starting with their birth sign is a step in the right direction. We cannot change other people or make them happy. Acceptance and patience is the key to a lasting relationship. A sense of humor and a short memory also helps. Listen to their ideas, their dreams and their hopes for the future. We learn so much about people just by listening. When a level of trust is gained, it is your turn to be heard. 4.Acceptance We want control over our life, the power to decide our future and make the choices necessary to make us happy. Acceptance is the ability to allow others to do the same. Once we take the responsibility for our own lives, it is much easier to accept the concept that others enjoy the same freedom. 5.Love of Self Once we know ourselves, it is time to take an even closer look. Do we like what we see? Are we proud, happy, satisfied and fulfilled in our lives? If we can answer yes to these questions, our goals have been met. If not, we have more work to do. Continue to change your vices into virtues. The big pay off here is love of self. 6.Guidance Astrology helps us to understand the power of the Universe. The Zodiac signs, their particular energies and their duration on the calendar provide guidance toward enriching our life. All we need is the desire to take control of our life. The Zodiac energies provide the guidance to get us there. 7.Destiny Once we are in control of our lives, we are no longer on a run-away train. Destiny is not some pre-determined plan, but a plan that is evolving everyday of our life. Life is what we make it. We may be the small picture, but the ability to harness the power of the Universe gives a whole new meaning to the word "small". This could be the train stopper that is needed in your life. Take control today and feel the power of the Universe surging through your body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: