Shanghai Frankfurt auto show car launch scene invited you.

Shanghai Frankfurt auto show car launch scene invited you. On November 30th, Shanghai Frankfurt auto show, which will be open. As the world’s second largest automobile customer service service industry exhibition, which covers auto parts, repair and maintenance, supplies and modification of the three sectors, the products and services to the automotive OEM manufacturing and customer service market. The Frankfurt auto show, as a leading international event, the market is the international stage of the car, the selection of the most high-quality products, brought together a leader in the industry and the quality of buyers, the elite, gongxiangshengju. As the market leader in car, car beauty and maintenance industry, will carry off the series after the new upgrade products of car’s stunning debut this exhibition, to buyers from around the world and professional audiences do not like surprises. Car’s braking system, cooling system (organic synthesis), air conditioning system (visual set) three series as the project set, focus on deepening the system maintenance, a new escalation of excellence, extraordinary quality, it is worth looking forward to! Car brands – cold, poly iron cocoon carrying seven projects grand debut, is outstanding in similar exhibits. Cold gathering will bring four items: the maintenance of air conditioning system, three yuan fine, catalytic combustion chamber, the brake system of the four systems, poly cold focus in the low-end market, excellent quality, fashionable, popular with young people, as the automobile maintenance industry cutting-edge power, will also bring a different car new experience.     iron cocoon, originating in the United States imported "TEJEN" self repairing technology, is committed to the automotive maintenance and demolition depth maintenance, demolition + repair (repair) the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine complementary model to improve the pattern of maintenance, lead free demolition new concept car repair.     chief temper line, cultivating more than 20 years in the industry, focus on R & D and production of automotive supplies, always with the builders of the arms industry carefully, perseverance, a sense of user sincerely, car palm boutique rudder, elite friends, to the show as an opportunity to start a new future. The massive car maintenance products, the best access to resources, as in the Shanghai auto show in Frankfurt, as soon as possible to participate in! Time: November 30th – December 3rd location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) booth number: 5 5.2F13 service hotline: 400-8866-939相关的主题文章: