Shanghai Kunming high-speed passenger train on the train from all 46 people to escape – Sohu news queer as folk

Shanghai Kunming high-speed bus train all 46 people on the escape – Sohu news "Hunan expressway" WeChat October 9th news on the road, in the morning at 11:20 PM, G60 Shanghai Kunming Expressway in Loudi Province, Hunan Province Highway Management Bureau Loudi Management Office Shuangfeng road squadron in the inspection of K1184+500 found in the west to the East bus fire. Smoke billowing in the scene, and the fire intensified, the whole road was shrouded in flames. The bus has been burned into a huge "cage", issued from time to time the tire explosion, the situation is very critical. The team immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation and get off. Site personnel have been evacuated from the emergency lane. Shuangfeng road squadron immediately launched the emergency plan, emergency maintenance, vehicle rescue service and other departments rushed to the scene to rescue. At the same time notify the monitoring center to release relevant information, to remind the passing vehicles to pay attention to safety, and immediately report the situation to the management office. In the face of the raging fire, billowing smoke, highways, traffic police quickly closed the scene, set the warning area to avoid secondary accidents. After the fire brigade arrived, with water cannons to the passenger car fuel tank for cooling treatment, prevent explosion. After 1 hours of fighting, the fire was extinguished, in addition to spontaneous combustion buses, did not cause other secondary accidents. 12:35, through multisectoral collaboration, the high-speed traffic police and fire control, bus fire was extinguished, the scene the fire has been extinguished, the accident scene cleared one lane, stranded vehicles began to pass. As of press time, clean up the scene of the accident, the highway to return to normal traffic. The accident due to timely and proper treatment, did not cause casualties. It is reported that the incident was a total of 46 passengers on board. After the driver said, driving to the accident site, he saw from the rear of the car to see the smoke, immediately slowed down the car parked in the emergency lane, open the door, immediately report to the police, and organize passengers to get off. Currently, the bus fire is under investigation.相关的主题文章: