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Shanxi police cracked down on campus fraud   2016 has uncovered a similar case over 1000 – Finance – original title: Shanxi police cracked down on the campus in 2016 has uncovered similar cases of fraud over 1000 Beijing September 3 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Song Lichao) 3, reporters from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that, in recent years, various types of campus fraud the illegal and criminal activities increased, the Shanxi public security organs in the fight against crime and combat telecommunications network model "lie robbery crimes two special action, vigorously carry out the fight against fraud and criminal activities of various types of campus governance. This year, the province’s police cracked a total of 1059 kinds of school fraud cases. Data show that since 2016, Shanxi province Kyoritsu campus fraud cases since 1343, the telecommunications network fraud cases 940 cases, 403 cases of fraud cases; campus cracked a total of 1059 cases of fraud cases, the telecommunications network fraud cases 688 cases, 371 cases of fraud cases, the detection rate was 78.85%; destroyed 6 criminal gangs all kinds of criminal suspects and arrested 41 people. Public security organs investigation found that the high incidence of crime of fraud on campus, showing the following characteristics: first, the modus operandi of continuous renovation, deceptive strong. For different groups of students, criminals carefully designed a variety of tricks, using common students social experience weakness, induces a lot of inexperienced students in a variety of fraud. The two is the cheap psychology, students rely on outstanding behavior. Criminals spread part-time, purchasing, winning and other information through the network, to get some compensation for the bait, cheating students, some students get cheated. The three is the students’ self deception ability is not strong, the lack of basic awareness. Many students thought simple, rely on others, lack of access to social life must prevent the ability of self deception, illegal crime for lack of sufficient vigilance. According to reports, in January this year, the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked horse shop branch moufei large fraud case of students. The investigation, since March 2015, the suspect flew through the mobile phone, SMS, QQ, WeChat spread "to promise to give students universities pay monthly installments and 500 yuan commissions" lured students universities in various stages of installment purchase mobile phone website, as a means of fraud of more than 600 students in more than 900 of the mobile phone. Involving more than 600 yuan. In August 2016, Jinzhong City Public Security Bureau, the bureau successfully cracked a series of cases of fraud in college students, with a break is related to more than 200 cases, arrested the suspect called a yuan, in a verification, involving more than 200 yuan. The investigation, since March, the suspect called a suspect in a yuan together with, on behalf of relevant remuneration without repayment loans, students in more than 10 universities, Jinzhong University, Taiyuan Normal University, Shanxi Architectural College to Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese medicine, Shanxi Institute of media, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology in mobile phone installed on the elite loan and loan business, then. The suspects will be deceived into all loans called a Alipay account specified element. The Public Security Bureau of Shanxi Province相关的主题文章: