Sheer Cover Makeup Is A Nice Foundation For Other

Beauty As you probably know, bare mineral makeup is great for helping your skin look soft, smooth and youthful, while keeping it healthy without dangerous chemicals. To find out more about mineral makeups, we spoke with Ann Swiftborne, the chemist in charge of formulating sheer cover makeup products. Ann gave us the inside story on the five most .mon ingredients of mineral makeups. Titanium Dioxide: this ingredient is a white powder that helps protect the skin from sun based on the fact that it creates a thin impermeable layer between the light and your skin. This is the exact same substance your mom probably slathered across your nose when you went to the beach as a child. It is perfectly safe and 100 percent natural. Iron Oxides : these substances are made from iron, one of the most .mon metals. When iron oxidizes (rusts), it can take on a number of beautiful color variations that sheer cover makeup utilizes in minute quantities to add color to your face. Reds, pinks, browns, and taupes are all created using iron oxides. Mica has a natural mirror-like sheen. If you use mica as a sheer cover makeup, it will help your .plexion stay luminous, smooth and creamy too. Mica helps to improve the texture of many creams, powders and as a mineral liquid foundation, they prevent dripping and clumping. Kaolin: Kaolin is a type of natural clay that is smooth and white and is found near lake beds. This substance is used to make makeup because it helps it stick to you face, and helps it stay on longer. Another benefit of kaolin is that it absorbs oil. This makes it a great product for people with oily skin because it can actually help clear up their skin. It can be used every day because of it being a natural product with oil reducing properties. Zinc oxide offers protection for your skin from the sun, similar to titanium dioxide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: