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Shenzhen City: take counsel to the law enforcement society Shenzhen law enforcement team in dealing with Jeeves vendors, prominently holding "law enforcement, please support the sign". reporter He Linping she chased the soft knife, let the stone shop owner Li Tao The imprint is engraved on my heart. "The time law enforcement, they do not angry quarrel, just kept taking pictures. This suddenly ‘gentle’ up, it really makes people do not adapt, hands and feet do not know how to put it." Li Tao’s store is located in Shenzhen City, the people Longhua District Road No. 530, in his previous impression, between officers and traders like a cat and mouse game: you come, I will go; you go, I couldn’t do it again; on the other, that is "Diamond cuts diamond". Vicious incident chased brawl traders, hawkers chased wounded stabbed "story", Li Tao also heard no less. A few days later, Li Tao received a written decision of administrative punishment by the law enforcement team issued: street stores, beyond the window wall Hawking is illegal, according to the Illegal Hawking area shall be fined 27 thousand yuan. Around this ticket many traders have received, I think at that time is to ignore him, he can not bring me what, the last is not settle a matter by leaving it unsettled?" This September 2015 out of the ticket, so Li Tao one year. To Li Tao’s surprise, although the city looks "gentle" many, but after the penalty is perseverance. In succession to exhortation, one inscribed "Guangdong Chun Feng lawyer the lawyer’s letter that he’d wave for a while. By the law enforcement team is not idle. In all administrative means and prepare all aspects of the full evidence, they to Yantian District of Shenzhen City Court for enforcement. In July this year, the court ruled that the enforcement, which is the first case of the Longhua district urban management department to apply for enforcement of the court case. Due to the name of Li Tao’s outstanding deposit, he was included in the list to be executed, which will affect his personal integrity record, the future of limited loans. Either Li Tao, a street with other vendors are startled, for the traders did not dare to drag, have taken the initiative to find the ticket holding enforcement team door. For many years the city ills Jeeves management has been significantly curbed, a street in old city. The law enforcement team all the players let people breathe a sigh of relief, also can not help in teams of young lawyer Wang Yi Feng Chun lawyers sit up and take notice. Wang Yi is only one of the 100 lawyers in Shenzhen urban management law enforcement team. In July 2014, the city of Shenzhen began to pilot the lawyers in the team, the team of law enforcement ", in September second, the full implementation of. More than a year, the city’s 66 branch of the law enforcement team has 57 lawyers in the team, coverage rate reached 86%. At the same time, since 2009, the city has been in the field of management has been on the rise of violent anti law events, from 2014 to 2015 brake twist, turn down. The reform started in Nanshan District Shahe street urban management law enforcement team, in the first year of the pilot team of lawyers, the case execution rate reached 97%, 54% higher than in 2013, second years and further increased to 99%; lawyers in the team for more than two years, incidents of violent resistance to law is only 2, and 20)相关的主题文章: