Shine of the wheat crop harvest depicted with jewels

Shine of the wheat harvest wheat with jewelry depicting lead: the sun, the wheat harvest scene, by countless paintings, photographs, film recorded, this represents the warm, rich and happy scene, now has a new picture. Bright jewelry re interpretation of the harvest of wheat, common wheat originally looked like a gem in the filled infinite shine. Describe the harvest Boucheron summer wheat crop of seven strains of wheat is a symbol of the French folk traditional lucky charm jewelry. Boucheron Boucheron with this lucky symbol for inspiration, a new way of interpretation of the brand since the beginning of 1889 classic – question mark necklace. Lingering neck side ear true to life, like swaying in the wind, the autumn harvest arouse memory; Yingying diamond Pu Chen which like moonlight on the star catcher. The same series of bracelets and rings to the classic luxury beauty perfection. The summer wheat (Wheat of Summer)   still the beautiful Paris – symbol of harvest wheat in Western myth in the story has a good meaning, in charge of the goddess Seress wheat symbol of harvest, given the abundance of diamond jewelry works of beauty. "La Nature de CHAUMET" of the "sunshine wheat field" series: Chanel Les Bles Necklace hot de CHANEL tribute series is Chanel’s first wheat inspired design of Pierre jewelry series. Les Bles de CHANEL shows Chanel Pierre Fenghua jewelry series reaches to the world, but also to Seoul Jia Boli · Chanel is one of the hallmarks of wheat and become an independent school to offer the most sincere and passionate praise. Chanel Les Bles de CHANEL Pierre jewelry series相关的主题文章: