Sichuan Huaying coal mine accident concealed 19 hours 6 people will be held criminally responsible i tamiflu

Sichuan Huaying coal mine accident concealed 19 hours 6 people will be held criminally responsible – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, September 21 (reporter Yang Di, Li Hualiang) the accident investigation team of Sichuan Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau of the lead organization, recently took place in July 5th this year, Sichuan Huaying Jin Chun coal industry limited liability company of coal and gas outburst the accident was investigated and determined that caused the deaths of 5 people in the individual regulators involved in the reporting, about 19 hours, was a production safety accident. Accordingly, the investigation team recommended 4 units of the accident, the government regulatory unit of the 2 officers held criminally responsible. At 23:16 on July 5th this year, a large coal and gas outburst accident occurred, resulting in 5 deaths, direct economic losses of $8 million 90 thousand. After calculation, the outstanding coal volume of about 255 tons, gas volume of 13850 cubic meters. The accident investigation team found in coal and gas outburst accident occurred after Jin Chun mine managers found that 5 people were trapped underground, rescue personnel in a timely manner into the well. However, according to the specified procedures in a timely manner to coal mine accident reporting, and tried to conceal. According to the survey, July 6th 3 am, standing Jin Chun mine controlling party of Chongqing Uranus Investment Corporation Deputy General Manager Wang Daihua and Jin Chun Coal General Manager Tang Shiming, chief engineer of Huaying City to find coal authority Cai Chengmeng, Jin Chun told the coal mine accident 5 people were trapped into this situation, Cai Meng not reported. 7:20 on July 6th, Huaying City Coal Bureau Li Daihong phone to arrange deputy director Lanming to Jin Chun coal mine the mine air return gas check + 650m three alarm, Lanming arrived in coal mine, Tang Shiming alone said to him the accident and the views of Cai Chengmeng, Ming Jin Chun Lan agreed with gas sensor fault monitoring by coal mine submit a written explanation, also found mine where Xi Town vice mayor section Hyperion, trying to convince them not to report. Until July 6th 20, Sichuan coal Supervision Bureau received a report from the masses, said Jin Chun did not report the accident in the coal mine, Sichuan coal Supervision Bureau of East Sichuan branch and the Guang’an Municipal Bureau of work safety inspection immediately. Cai Chengmeng learned that the relevant departments in pursuing the matter after the call Jin Chun mine director Zhao Minghong immediately according to the procedure reported the accident. Finally, Jin Chun mine in individual supervision personnel participation, concealed the accident about 19 hours. During the investigation, the investigation team also found that there are many problems in the management of coal mines. The investigation team believes that the "7? 5" accident was a production safety accident, the direct reason is due to coal mine Jin Chun unauthorized illegal arrangement work, operation of regional outburst prevention measures are not in place, illegal workers use pneumatic pick of coal and gas outburst induced by coal, resulting in 5 workers died of suffocation; but at the same time technical management is not in place, the outburst prevention work management, labor organization management, safety education and training is not in place, coal mine safety supervision and other issues. The investigation team believes that Tang Shiming, Zhao Minghong, head of technology package, Zhongling coal mine legal representative Lv Yun responsible for the accident; Cai Chengmeng has an important leadership responsibility for the accident, take the main responsibility for the accident concealed; Huaying City Bureau of coal mine safety supervision in yuanlin.相关的主题文章: