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Sichuan Leshan 3 year old granny driving hit police: Processing – Sohu news scene was knocked down by the elderly in January 28th, Sichuan in downtown Leshan, a commercial van will be a gray haired old lady knocked to the ground, however, the car is only a 3 year old girl. In February 2nd, a large number of staff directly under the traffic police detachment of Leshan City Public Security Bureau told the surging news (), after investigation, the accident caused by the girl reversing, the current identification of the elderly injury has not yet been out, the accident liability is still in progress. The incident occurred near the Leshan people’s residential area. Witnesses told the surging news, 28 PM nearly 5, a micro commercial van suddenly jumped back, hit a car accidentally happened after the old lady, and then the van suddenly flameout, but fortunately did not roll over from the old woman. The old man was lying on the ground with blood all over his face." Witnesses said that before you got on the train, there was only one little girl in the whole car, looking out of the car with a puzzled face. Witnesses said, then a girl claiming to be mother of the woman arrived, said she had opened the car, get off work before the car stalled, but did not pull the car keys, did not pull the handbrake, 3 year old daughter in the car, should be the daughter accidentally launch vehicle accident. Immediately, 120 rushed to the elderly to medical treatment. Leshan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment directly under the police surnamed Liu told the surging news, the Department of small cars after reversing the car hit the old man. After preliminary examination, the old man’s injury is not very serious. Directly related to a group of accident squadron police said that the old hospital injury assessment letter has not yet been out, the traffic accident liability confirmation also did not come out, the incident is still under investigation and treatment.

四川乐山3岁女童驾车撞倒老太 警方:正在处理-搜狐新闻 事发现场 被撞倒的老人   1月28日,四川乐山闹市区,一辆商务面包车将一名头发花白的老太撞倒在地,蹊跷的是,车内只有一名3岁女童。2月2日,乐山市公安局交警支队直属一大队多名工作人员告诉澎湃新闻(),经调查,事故系女童倒车所致,目前老人伤情鉴定还未出,事故责任认定仍在进行中。   事发乐山市万人小区附近。目击者告诉澎湃新闻,28日下午近5时,一辆微型商务面包车突然向后猛蹿了一下,撞倒一名恰巧从车后经过的老太太,随后面包车又突然熄火,所幸未从老太身上碾压过去。“老人躺在地上,脸上全是血。”目击者称,大家凑上车前发现,整个车厢内只有一名小女孩,一脸疑惑地向车外张望。   目击者称,随后一名自称女孩母亲的女子赶到,称车是她开的,下车办事前将车熄火,但车钥匙没拔,没拉手刹,3岁的女儿也留在车上,应该是女儿无意间发动车辆酿成事故。随即,120赶到将老人送医救治。   乐山市公安局交警支队直属一大队刘姓民警向澎湃新闻确认,系小女孩发动车后倒车撞倒老人。经初步检查,老人伤势不是很严重。直属一大队事故中队相关民警表示,老太的医院伤情鉴定书还未出,交通事故责任认定书也未出,事件仍在调查处理中。相关的主题文章: