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Sichuan rural broadcasting construction management take effect   " village ring " information flow – media – original title: broadcast village ring information more clear with the development and progress of science and technology, television, computer and other equipment such as rural people like bamboo shoots after a spring rain into the life, the traditional broadcast was gradually people forget. But in the Pengshan District of Meishan City, Sichuan Province, returning to the sound of the radio and is now in the countryside sounded. In the past the village notice things, is to call one by one, now has broadcast "village ring", big and small, as long as a radio broadcast, every family can be heard. Usually, the broadcast will also broadcast the party’s policies and regulations, the development of agriculture to get rich information, it is very practical." Look at the new installed radio equipment, Pengshan Wuyang 51 rural village cadres Liu Xueming said happily. In October 2012, Pengshan District Rural Radio village ring project started. Currently, the first phase of the project has been completed, covering 2 townships, 27 administrative villages. Two and the three phase of the project will also start. Sichuan is located in the Qinghai Tibet, Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, Hengduan Mountains many landform units, complex and diverse topography, the rural population living scattered, many kinds of natural disasters. After the "5. 12" Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008, the use of radio equipment is relatively simple, low cost, easy to promote, and other characteristics fully demonstrated, the rise of the work of the construction of rural radio around the rise. In 2011, Sichuan province established broadcasting village ring construction norms, and in 2012 will broadcast village ring into livelihood projects. At the critical moment of the "4, 20" Lushan earthquake, the "11. 22" Kangding earthquake emergency relief, the radio provided timely and effective emergency services for the people in the disaster area. Practice has proved that rural radio plays a unique role in timely delivery orders and release information, guiding public opinion, stable people, disaster relief and other aspects. In rural areas, rural radio is known as the mouth of the party and government, grassroots cadres leg, a good helper of the rural masses". The Sichuan provincial press and Publication Bureau relevant responsible person said, at present, Sichuan rural radio construction management has made remarkable achievements, which is mainly due to the following aspects: first, establish long-term financial security system. Party committees and governments at all levels to broadcast village ring construction as an important content of public cultural construction, the province has invested a total of more than 800 million yuan. Secondly, the establishment of a unified technical standards system. According to Sichuan radio and television transmission infrastructure and network coverage, Sichuan completed the "Sichuan Province Radio village ring construction norms" "Sichuan province emergency broadcast system construction technology scheme and emergency broadcast village ring technology program" technology of normative documents, formulate and receiving terminal configuration standard room. Third, establish and improve the operation management system. For the Sichuan rural radio village ring system construction and management, good use of radio and television departments at all levels of press and publication of bold exploration, from practice to establish a set of actual operation and maintenance system. Fourth, the establishment of the characteristics of the content of the supply system, to encourage grassroots innovation, to promote rural broadcasting from the masses to hear相关的主题文章: