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Home-Improvement When shopping in furniture market, you would notice that there are too many sofa with different designs and which style do you want to choose? Before making your purchase decision, you should know their feature of each style, in the following article, I will introduce three types of sofa including American style sofa, Japanese style sofa and traditional Chinese style sofa. Are you interested in such topic? American style sofa When being asked about the remarkable feature of American style sofa, I am sure lots of people would give the answer that soft and .fortable sitting feeling. Yes, when sitting on American style sofa, it seems that you are surrounded by gentle and soft, which is so .fortable. Nowadays too many sofa are made from different frame along with sponge at different hardness because not only lots of time would be saved, but also it is the low cost for sofa production. However, top quality American style sofa are still made from sponge and mechanical spring, as a result, they are more firm and durable. At the same time, because of the large size of American style sofa, they are should not be placed at limited room space because by this way the whole home atmosphere would not be harmonious, therefore you should measure your drawing room area at first and then make purchase decision, generally speaking, only the large size drawing room with about 20 square meter would be suitable for American style sofa. Japanese style sofa The remarkable features of Japanese style sofa would be its small size handrail at fence at its side and its low and small design. If you are the people who pursues natural and simple home home decoration, such small and exquisite Japanese style sofa would be suitable for you. At the same time, when looking at Japanese style sofa, you can see its rigorous attitude towards life from the design so that they are also the office sofa in most cases. If there is old people in your family, it is wise to buy Japanese style sofa because it is not only suitable for them to sit, but also convenient for them to stand up and sit down. Chinese style sofa The prominent feature of traditional Chinese style sofa would be the exposed wood frame, along with sponge mat which can be changed at any time. As usual, it is cold in summer but warm in winter, which is more convenient and practical. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: