Singer Fan Fan for the first time to participate in the rally rally new record-remonstrate

Singer Fan Fan for the first time in the rally car hit a new record of Tencent entertainment news recently, 2016CGR China rally 9 days of tough game at the end of the Alashan banner. Mainland singer Fan Fan took part in the competition, the final with partner Zheng Weijun got the fourth, third grade T1 group. This is his first racing show, such achievements attracted the high evaluation of the industry, more people praised the precursor of the new birth of cross-country Myth: "his great progress, when ordinary people can not see, can also continue to watch him next year." China rally is Chinese territory only inter provincial long distance rally, but also Chinese independently in the international steam and one of the world’s most difficult even registered, the longest line of the famous race, "China Dakar" and said the game has also attracted many entertainment stars in love racing. The tournament attracted 31 teams from around the world to enroll a total of 9 stages, the game mileage of more than 4 thousand km. As everyone knows, in addition to the singer, another identity is Fan Fan racer, since, in addition to music, Fan Fan has been very hard on the car, has won many domestic and overseas racing champion good grades. This can be at such a high level of competition, the first show to obtain good results, and his love of racing are not unrelated, this is his 12 year occupation from rallying to play for the first time in long distance cross cross-country race, this achievement, as Fan Fan himself before the goals set. ".相关的主题文章: