Small household car essence inventory Dalian auto show 12.17-18-actv

The essence of small car inventory Dalian auto show 12.17-18   ordinary family car what car? Power? No, they generally look? Will first evaluate the economy of the car, and then a small car Wuzangjuquan is absolutely in their choice. The body is small, wuzangjuquan. The car generally low prices, low fuel consumption, high cost, function is rich, can fully meet the daily needs of the family of three. Today to take a look at the essence of the car exhibition on December 17-18 at the Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center of the Dalian auto show several concentrated! 1 Volkswagen POLO POLO looks quite stylish atmosphere, the design concept of the popular family style. The front face looks very atmospheric, horizontal expansion of upper and lower grille body to enhance the visual effect. But the low version is not equipped with fog lights, under the grille also lack of chrome embellishment, the visual effect is not very good. Interior, all black interior, with a small amount of chrome trim, relatively simple. The central control panel layout is reasonable, key feedback is also good. Power, a naturally aspirated engine optional displacement of two, respectively, the maximum power 66kW, maximum torque of 132 cattle · 1.4L engine with a maximum power of 81kW meters, the maximum torque of 155 cattle · 1.6L naturally aspirated engine meters, and has 5 speed manual and 6 speed automatic gearbox available. Stability and maneuverability is better, there is no obvious feeling. 2 FAW TOYOTA Vios Vios appearance, the appearance of a new TOYOTA family design style, the appearance of a more fashionable young, new grille style adjustments, lines more sharp headlight internal level more clear, and joined the LED light source, grid is still big style, but the size bigger. Linear smooth Yaoxian very natural and comfortable. Dimensions, the new car length and width were 4420mm 1700mm 1490mm, wheelbase 2550mm. The rear end of the car did not change too much, for the taillights group internal structure fine-tuning. Configuration, 1.5L top distribution models will also be added projection headlamps, daytime driving lights, indicating lamp. The interior, the new Vios also used three type plate, and silver trim. Configuration, the new Vios whole new vehicle stability system, part of the model increases the engine start stop system. 1.5L top with the traditional pointer instrument panel will also be replaced by self luminous instrument panel. Unfortunately, did not provide a Vios trend with the vehicle entertainment system. Power to provide consumers with 1.3L and 1.5L two displacement engine. 1.5L version of the maximum power 79kW, maximum torque of 140Nm, while the 1.3L engine maximum power 73kW, maximum torque of 123Nm. Transmission, the new car uses a 5 block manual gearbox or CVT cvt. 3 Honda fit the whole body more mellow, full of fashion in front of the piano paint panel design popular side, rich lines so that the vehicle is very dynamic. Rich layer;相关的主题文章: