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SNH48 "MV" Princess cloak line on exotic adventure Sina entertainment news report MV SNH48 annual total runoff "14 officially launched" princess. The MV consists of third of the annual total runoff TOP16 popular idol "goofy" members of the group flew to Spain for shooting, penned by JJ Lin [micro-blog] to compose, in the west, the United States, South Korea and other countries to build the top team together, SNH48 is the largest annual investment scale MV. MV, 16 young beautiful girl avatar charming romantic princess, and some members of the band turned Knight valiant and heroic in bearing we feel warm and romantic, exotic. It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure the quality of MV, the SNH48 team spared no expense to hire private bullring and palace of Spain characteristic place real shooting, offer rich visual effects for the fans. Accompanied by cheerful romantic playing flamenco guitar, "cloak" princess took us into the distant country of Spain, with the SNH48 girls opened a gorgeous exotic adventure. MV, members or turned the "Lady of Spain" wearing a gorgeous dress, such as flowers bloom like a beautiful princess; or put on a white cloak, swaying skirt flying; Lu Ting, Zhang Yuge [micro-blog] and other members also wear tough and handsome knight, Lin Siyi, Li Yitong, Mo Han [micro-blog] is the bullring sweat in the magnificent style: beauty and princess in bold and wild wild and intractable, feminine and unrestrained collision between the jinxian. In the story, "red rose" image, whether it is strong or brave bull lovers are neither friendly nor aloof, becomes the fresh "red rose", or a scattered or inserted in the temples or in the hands of the Princess Beauty, romantic princess and unrestrained gaudy red rose fragrant blend, beautiful bright and profound. It is worth mentioning that, MV members also first collective challenge in Spain — flamenco dance, with passionate rhythm, 16 beautiful girl drunkenly swinging red skirt, skirt flying in the room look around charmingly. Ju Jing, Zhao Yue, and the elegant and unrestrained flamenco solo is a delicacy, with skillful fingering between musicians pouring out of the rapid and changeful rhythm of two people, and show a variety of beautiful dance accelerate arrogant attitude from time to time his mouth a seductive smile. "The princess cloak" by JJ Lin himself and by the composer, who has Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, the famous American singer and play a combination of music making of the American people and the Scott gold music production team featuring music production, in the west, South Korea and other countries the top team in Spain United shooting. Heavy investment, sophisticated production and enjoy the interpretation of the members of the "Princess" is SNH48, cloak and fans give the members a sincerity to make.相关的主题文章: