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Some cadres "routine" and "gambling table corruption" how to stop? – public opinion channel — original title: some cadres "routine" and "gambling table corruption" how to stop? Recently, the Jiangxi Jiujiang Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation Xingzi County Party committee former standing committee, deputy mayor Li Chungun serious disciplinary problems. Li Chungun during his tenure, not only in violation of discipline, national laws and regulations, but also to participate in the money for a long time to play mahjong game. Reporters found that the ingrained part of the Party cadres gambling phenomenon, some cadres as the bribery channel, that "every bet will win"; some cadres in order to regain his gambling skills training, it is difficult to extricate themselves. Individual cadres to regain their gambling skills "is closed hard gambling, four ring eight ring is not tired" is a vivid portrayal of the individual party members and cadres, some in the work time gambling, or misappropriation of public funds, accepting other people’s money gambling, gambling or even to act as umbrella". Long term participation in the money to bet mahjong activities of cadres is not a Li Chungun. In July this year, vice chairman of the Jiujiang Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Jiujiang County CPPCC Cao Dayin serious disciplinary problems were pointed out during the briefing, Cao Dayin worked in violation of discipline, to participate in the money to bet "mahjong" activities. This year, Jiujiang cadres involved in the issue of Party members and cadres to participate in the investigation and treatment of special problems in the case of more than 94 people. Don’t stop gambling addiction is a fire. Jiangxi Province, Leping city traffic bureau deputy director Chen Zhibo from playing mahjong, "play paijiu" "tractor" to "two deputy head" "King" "package" and other games, no no. In an attempt to "fishing" mentality let him gambling addiction is more and more big, a free people bet about two, even to check before dinner at noon, Lin also to seize the time to engage in a practice "". In order to regain lost capital, he even closed hard "bull cow". At the grassroots level, Party members and cadres CANDU gambling has the following characteristics: one is involved in extensive personnel, including the main party leaders, there are general service clerks and temporary workers; two is the existence of "corruption not my" thought, think small, as long as is not forthcoming, the discipline inspection departments, with nothing to supervise. Three is concealed, these gambling dens located in a residential area, the hotel basement, some hidden in the restaurant, billiard room, and gambling gambling relations well, was found to cause problems. In many cases, the public security departments for the gambling act as "umbrella" act is to make people hate. In February this year, Jiujiang Discipline Inspection Commission was informed that the Jiujiang Public Security Bureau of Mount Lu West Branch Secretary Dai Zhijian, political commissar Xu Xiangyong during his tenure, the use of his office, to provide protection for personnel and staff to open a casino gambling casino, collect protection fees". Gambling routines developed into a hotbed of corruption in recent years, gambling has become a hotbed of corruption, Party members and cadres to become a major bribery routine". Some critics have sharp pointed out that the table was on the superior subordinates, cadres to win win "the boss", "boss" win lose interest, is the image of the party and government, the state and the interests of the people. Your work time "gambling". Jiangxi, Pingxiang, Jiujiang and other places, some grass-roots cadres, said some public相关的主题文章: