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Spend 288 yuan to see 120 frames of "Billy Lynn?", I think this money special value – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark Billy · Lynn this week I picked a weekday afternoon, did not go to work, the biggest advantage — free — our industry to a compared to a weekend "less expensive" the price of a movie. In order to this film, I took out 288 yuan (not counting me in the field to buy the original novel of the 40). About 288 yuan enough for me to see ten "water", the five donkey "doctor" (singular here or error), but in reading the 3D 4K frame 120 highest version of "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" (later referred to as the "Billy ·"; Lynn), I don’t feel their relationship, the money is not lost. 138 service charge is still staggering. Of course, you might say that this movie was released a few days since the evaluation of Darfur, IMDB score of 7.3 and 48% of the rotten tomatoes freshness are only just passable. But I still want to say, this movie is really very good, even if it is not the marvel movie that can bring you the adrenaline bursting with excitement, but it is also more than the country released most of the movies are more worth your money to go to the cinema to watch. In fact, if conditions permit (such as you were in Beijing or Shanghai, and there are surplus) to see the highest version of the 4K 120 frames. Because I still remember sitting in the cinema of Lanzhou in the first contact with the 3D film in 2010 when the opening shock, splashing mud flying straight straight I soon the hero runs, I know this is still suffering from the shock of the "3D". So, I don’t want to miss this revolutionary "first time" in the history of film industry. The first loading the film history of the 3D 4K 120 frames, spent nearly six times the price of the ordinary version, we need to talk about the film in the technical aspects of the audience’s feelings, after all, this is the "Billy Lynn" in · the biggest bright spot China propaganda. Because of the characteristics of technology have been summarized as below, I will list some of the most worth noting: first, the highest version of this 3D 4K 120 frames in the world Losangeles, Beijing, only New York, Shanghai, Taipei 5 city in 5 theaters can meet 4K 120 frame copy the play, only Beijing bona Studios u-town Store Exclusive showing (due to John Boehner is the film investors, they specialize in lots of gold in the u-town shop for a upgrade). So I went to buy tickets early in the afternoon when I met a few fans came from the field to see the film. Second, "the 120 frame" is the biggest gimmick in the film. The current film projection standard is 24 frames per second, or 24 FPS (Frame)相关的主题文章: