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Within 3 days Sun Hongbin shot two times with 4 billion shares: buy Raycom Jinke real estate Sun Hongbin Oriental IC data within 3 days Sun Hongbin shot two times, and then bought Raycom to 4 billion stake in Jinke real estate source: surging news 22:53 on September 21st, under the name Sun Hongbin SUNAC China (1918.HK) disclosure announcement, the company indirectly wholly-owned Affiliated Companies gold subscription Jinke property real estate (000656) non-public offering of shares 907 million shares, accounting for the total issued shares of approximately 16.96%. The subscription price of 4.41 yuan per share, the total purchase price of approximately 4 billion yuan, the price is slightly more than the premium Jinke September 21st closing price of 4.39 yuan. Prior to September 19th, the financial record has just announced the acquisition of 13 billion 788 million yuan Lenovo Group under the name of real estate under the name of Raycom real estate projects. Announcements, Tianjin Gold Property Management Limited as financial record Chinese indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, mainly engaged in property management and infrastructure construction in China. SUNAC said in the announcement, Jinke estate engaged in real estate development in the core of the main China second city, has a good layout of the city. The company optimistic about the future prospects of Jinke real estate, that the subscription is a good investment opportunity, I believe the future will bring a better return on investment. Notice that, at present in the construction of real estate projects Jinke real estate has about 75, the land reserve can be built on an area of over 17 million square meters. It is worth noting that, in addition to Sun Hongbin, another name is Xu Jiayin Hengda Real Estate heavyweights has long been ahead of the layout Jinke, after several holdings, currently holds a 1.77% stake in Hengda life Jinke, and through the Qianhai open source information management plan to buy 2.31%, together hold 4.08%, approaching placards line. The headquarters is located in Chongqing, in 2011 through the backdoor listing. Surging news noted that in July 21st, the release of non-public offering of not more than 1 billion 240 million shares, the IPO plan to raise funds not more than 4 billion 500 million yuan by the Chinese Commission approved by the time, Jinke said that the funds will be used for company development and construction projects and repayment of loans from financial institutions, the financial record of the subscription shares as part of among them. According to the September 22nd announcement, in addition to financial record, two trust companies trust Warburg and Chongqing international trust is also involved in the issuance of. The company report shows that the company achieved sales of approximately 13 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of about 22%, of which the real estate sector contracted sales amounted to about 12 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of about 29%, contracted sales area of about 2 million 60 thousand square meters, an increase of about 41%. As you can see, Jinke land reserve layout ideas and similar financial record. The company said that the recent real estate strategy dominated by 2013 "two or three line, 14 line auxiliary" 2014 "as main line, 13 line, and then adjust the auxiliary" 2015 "second tier two city, a center line and the three line of the city as a supplement, gradually withdraw from the four line of the city", by focusing on the layout the core of the ten city ", in Suzhou, north of Chongqing, deep plowing相关的主题文章: