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Taiwan media: calm, public opinion in the "tired" mood. – Beijing this week, the Taiwan tourism industry to survive, work, food and clothing ", to protest the Taiwan authorities to destroy the foundation of cross-strait relations, the mainland visitors plummeted, Taiwan tourism crisis. In this regard, "Wang Taiwan daily" editorial pointed out that the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan continued to decline, to see behind the public opinion crisis. The Cai Yingwen administration should face the mainland tourists to Taiwan look down the facts and take effective measures for mainland people, calm, public opinion in Taiwan tired mood. The editorial activity is as follows: the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan continued to decline, not only can be used to explain the official limit, may be behind the deeper crisis of public opinion. According to statistics, in July this year, the number of mainland tourists to decline by 15% over the same period last year, the largest decline over the years. In this regard, "councillor" Zhang Jingsen "we close the faucet is not" hint, Cai Yingwen said that the mainland and Taiwan have to think of structural problems in tourism, should increase the free and reduced tours, the combination of private resources, to promote tourism in Taiwan. These are starting from the political level, but the technical level in all the minor details. In fact, the real attention should be paid to the attitude of the mainland folk. From the Internet, the mainland to Taiwan public opinion has changed this year, after the Democratic Progressive Party in power, the mainland public opinion on the goodwill of Taiwan showed a downward trend. From the network of public opinion, most are not support to travel to Taiwan, there are two main reasons: one is affected by the Taoyuan fire car incident, netizens think that tourism to Taiwan not safe; the two is that in addition to Taiwan, there are many tourism destination choice. In recent years, the tourism industry of Taiwan to mainland tourists perception of the poor is the fact that the July Taoyuan burned car incident opened Pandora’s box, the Taiwan authorities to whack the crisis detonated, popular antipathy. Make people feel that Taiwan does not pay attention to the basic human rights of people in the mainland, mainland tourists ignore security requirements, this impression is likely to dispute will surpass the unification or independence and ideology, become the biggest source of Taiwan mainland people hostile. From this point of view, the number of land buyers to Taiwan continued to decline, I am afraid that not only the official limit can be explained, behind the crisis may be a deeper level of public opinion. If the Taiwan authorities do not pursue legal and administrative responsibilities, to the fire victims suffered an account of compensation and compensation, public opinion crisis may expand. As for the structural problems in Cai Yingwen’s mouth, it also lies in the tourism preference. Lu passenger travel footprint has been around the world, the reason why Taiwan tour more tours, and age structure. The mainland of the elderly tourists have Riyuetan Pool, Alishan complex, more into a group trip; and a wide range of youth travel destination, Taiwan and no special complex, the scale of natural travel less than the mission. Mainland tourists travel is changing, this kind of public opinion is rigid, but it seems that the official Taiwan is not aware of. Plan is not to improve the tourism environment of Taiwan, mainland tourists to create a friendly atmosphere, but a joke declared to strengthen the mainland tourism propaganda. Do not know now the biggest problem is that the mainland public opinion offensive mood, if the mainland people’s core concerns completely did not respond, we have to wonder if such publicity will take effect!相关的主题文章: