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Taiwan will retire a march of the volunteers with Green Committee Taiwan Affairs Office to respond to the Sohu military channel data figure: Taiwan’s defense minister Feng Shikuan said, "I do not believe that follow to sing the national anthem, forced by the situation had to do". November 11th, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan held in the Great Hall of the people, according to observers reported earlier, Taiwan, a number of retired generals attended the meeting. Taiwan media reported that in the CCTV broadcast screen, not only listen to the retired generals President Xi Jinping, when played live in People’s Republic of China (National Anthem), with a standing ovation. This move caused a lot of hot media in Taiwan. According to the 15 United News Network reported, see through the live picture, when the president announced that People’s Republic of China to sing the national anthem, the lens to the audience, do all stand still, but only to take close-up lens new party chairman Yu Muming, vice chairman of the Kuomintang, Zhan Chunbai, and Xu Shui de SHIMENG President Rao Yingqi et al., not the lens to retired generals area. But look around the audience shot, the KMT and retired generals seats are arranged in the face of the main stage of the left side of the block, including the entire region, all participants in the People’s Republic of China national anthem, are standing up. The Liberty Times reported 16, DPP spokesman Huang Shizhuo said that as Taiwan retired generals to be socially acceptable, "retired generals as a retired military cadres of higher order, receive a monthly Taiwan taxpayers’ generous retirement benefits, special status, but did not avoid participate in political activities, more music for Li to stand the volunteers, highlighting the confused national identity problem. According to the Times reported that 16, Taiwan, defense minister Feng Shikuan said, along with the National Anthem I do not believe, stand should be forced to do so". And finally, Feng Shikuan said, for the retreat will go to the mainland to participate in similar activities, there should be a relatively good norms. And in this regard, the State Council Taiwan affairs office director Zhang Zhijun said in response, "in addition to the crime, it is easy to find a pretext". The media reported 15, the retreat will participate in mainland official activities, DPP legislator Liu Shifang questioned the retired generals to violate the law, "Department of defense" and other relevant units to investigate, and consider the abolition of retirement pension and related award medal. In addition, the report also said Liu Shifang criticized the retreat will be no less than 10 Fen took retirement pension, but on the mainland allegiance army the wrong model, a great blow to national loyalty and morale. According to Taiwan’s current "Regulations" regulating the relationship between people on both sides, the classified retirees control period is only 3 years, Defense Ministry spokesman Chen Zhongji said, was named back will has more than three years to visit the land regulation period, according to the current law, the abolition of retirement pension, and Hoon medal is no basis in law. In this regard, Wang reported 15 issued a notice, said in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, not held in memory of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s activities, with Confucianism admiration and admiration on his back, not in on the other side of the commemorative meeting, what is the choice? If the back will have the national anthem at the conference standing to make people feel too much to handle it, so in this year’s "Republic of China" ten.相关的主题文章: