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Tactic pee on the door neighbor was killed the court: dog owners bear the main responsibility for the Sohu news network picture Teddy spend 3000 yuan to buy a purebred dog raised in less than 1 years, because many times on the neighbor’s pee, was angry neighbors on a brick. The owner of the dog will neighbor Xu Ping (a pseudonym) to court, recently, the court mediation, the owner of the dog to compensate the neighbor 1000 yuan. Xu Ping, who lives in Akesu District, Wensu Cultural Road, a 3 floor. In January 2015, he found the door neighbor Chen Yuxia (a pseudonym) the price of 3000 yuan to buy a brown Teddy purebred dog, always smell when he came home at home there was a smell of urine, feces and occasionally, although he is suspected of Teddy dogs do, but due to the neighborhood, to clean up. One day in March, when Xu Ping came home from work, he climbed to the corner of the 2 floor, and found that his neighbor, Chen Yuxia, was about to go downstairs, while the Teddy dog was carrying his hind legs and urinating on his door frame. See Xu Ping, Chen Yuxia again and again apologize: "sorry, give you dirty, next time I must pay attention to." See each other’s attitude is better, Xu Ping did not care about, only said: no matter, the next attention on the line, the dog must be tied with a chain, pee is the second, hurt people is not good." Subsequently, Xu Ping took a mop to clean the urine stains the door. Soon after, Xu Ping came home from work to find his wife and neighbors quarrel in Chen Yuxia. It turned out that his wife found his neighbor’s dog in the house and pee, and the owner of the dog theory, the other side is not very good attitude. Although Xu Ping is angry, but think better is a neighbor, he pulled his wife to let her don’t care. After Chen Yuxia also said that Japan will give the dog on a leash, take good care of. In August 29th this year, Chen Yuxia went on a business trip by his mother to watch Teddy dog. Then, Teddy dog at the door of the Xu Ping "solution", Xu Ping was caught. Gas is not one to play, Xu Ping picked up a brick at Tactic dogs, Tactic dogs were killed on the spot. After Chen Yuxia came back, many times to find Xu Ping claims and several times the police, Xu refused to compensate the average. Chen Yuxia and Xu Ping sued the Wensu county court sentenced Xu Ping to request compensation for their losses totaling 5000 yuan. "The neighbor That’s going too far. unaware, she never brought to other people’s troubles." In the face of the mediation of the judge, Xu Ping said, see again in the home dog pee, originally only want to scare, and it will not kill the idea, who knows a brick kills the dog. After listening to the views of both sides, the Wensu County Court Mediation: Chen Yuxia purchase purebred pet dog to spend 3000 yuan, as appropriate, to support the breeding fee of $500, according to the actual loss of $3500 to determine the actual amount of $. This loss, Xu Ping admits there is a fault of the behavior, and Chen Yuxia as a dog owner, not in accordance with the provisions of China’s relevant pet, pet in the lead to the door neighbor pee, interfere with the normal life of others, the occurrence of the damage results of the main fault, so Xu Ping should bear 30% of the liability is 1000 yuan. The two sides finally reached a settlement.相关的主题文章: