Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck street selling rice with Menon (Figure)

Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck street selling rice with Menon (map) original title: Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck appeared on the streets selling rice with Menon to the observer network integrated down the price of rice [] according to the International Online reported on November 12th, local time 11 days in Thailand, Bangkok, for farmers to blow down the price of rice, Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck personally appeared on the streets help Menon to sell rice, with Menon. 11, Thailand Bangkok street, the British run rice farmers selling rice. According to the observer network reported earlier, Thailand rice prices have caused concern. In order to help rice farmers, in November 3rd, she has also traveled to Ubon Ratchathani to visit the public house, and bought 400 kilos of rice from rice farmers hands. At the same time she also plans to use private funds to acquire 2 to 3 tons of rice, "rice to alleviate the disaster". She said that if the plan works, she will acquire more rice. According to Thailand media reports, November 4th, Thailand’s prime minister Pakistan Education said, Thailand rice prices recently, rice farmers are facing tremendous pressure. He is to sell rice rice farmers behavior highly affirmed, that does not prevent the politicians to buy rice, and called on politicians to help farmers starting from the actual, if any politicians have the ability to buy rice, hope is to buy in this way, but to "show", to give people the illusion. 2011, when Thailand is the world’s largest rice exporter, accounting for about 30% of the global market share. That year the British government during the administration of the introduction of subsidies minon hoarding rice plan, according to the plan, the government of Thailand to the global market price is 50% higher than the purchase price of rice farmers to buy rice, and rice hoarding, market prices will rise due to reduced supply under normal circumstances, then the government in the sale of high rice. However, other major rice exporting countries such as India and Vietnam to take advantage of Thailand rice storage machine a substantial increase in supply, international rice prices down not up, directly lead to Thailand rice exports fell by 40%. The streets of Bangkok supporters of the British eventually, plus rice storage mismanagement, the government of Thailand resulted in losses of up to $40 to $17 billion. She stepped down in 2014, because rice subsidy program was accused by the government of Thailand and fined about 35000000000 baht ($1 billion) compensation policy of dereliction of duty, 3 days in Ubon Ratchathani Prefecture, rice farmers to pay fines when asked yingluck, yingluck who said, "the amount is too large, I really do not know how to do." According to Thailand’s "world news" reported on 11, said the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand foreign trade director Peng before the end, during the period from January 1, 2016 to November 2nd, Thailand rice exports accumulated 8 million 400 thousand tons, estimated annual export of rice accumulated up to 9 million 500 thousand tons. Looking forward to the situation of rice exports in Thailand in 2017, it is estimated that 9 million tons of rice can be exported. At present, the rice market fell, because the world’s current rice production and more concentrated harvesting market, coupled with the downward trend of the world economy, leading to the purchasing power of the international market is still weak. However, it is also beneficial to the export of rice in Thailand, because the current price of rice in Thailand is close to the level of the country’s export competition, so that the export of rice in Thailand相关的主题文章: