The 4 man highway speed grilled goods stealing money fast dry – Sohu news at the expense of one’s li roxane hayward

The 4 man highway "speed grilled goods": stealing money fast dry – Sohu news at the expense of one’s life being thrown off the road and tin Zachu marks the face of police "in the high speed running free climbing truck don’t steal supplies worry about the accident of the inquiry, the suspect replied:" I know the risks, but to this fast money, we will do at the expense of one’s life." This year the morning of July 20th, Nanhu District Public Security Bureau police station received a bridge truck driver Mr. Niu said the report, the tin container loading driving trucks traveling to Jiaxing Road, found the stolen tin 27 pieces, each weighing 50 pounds of tin ingot, involving the value of 8 yuan. The strange case attracted the attention of the police. After the alarm, Nanhu branch immediately set up a task force to carry out ad hoc investigation, dispatched elite police. After preliminary investigation, the police found the truck theft case is not the case in Jiaxing, Haining and other places have also occurred in 2 trucks on the highway in the case of goods take wings to itself. Police concluded that this is the case of 1 Gang premeditated theft, and confirmed that the 3 cases of the same gang. After preliminary statistics, 3 cases involving nearly 28 yuan worth of stolen goods. At first, the police suspect that the use of trucks in the high-speed service area of the gap between the rest of the crime. But the transfer of the relevant surveillance video and found that the vehicles in the service area are not stolen may. After further investigation, the police found that the suspect actually in the crime of the implementation of a more rare "runaway". Use the opportunity to suspect installed cargo truck on the high speed is not fast, at night trailing trucks, with equal velocity, and open the headlights, resulting in a large truck driver through the mirror to see the rear, and the suspect from the same speed car business side of large container trucks after the climb the position of the handle, and then around the truck rear, grabbed the rear vertical container irons, hand pull bolt after open the door to enter, then the goods shed to the high-speed road from the rear parking way to steal the goods picking associates. General large truck drivers are not locked containers used, simply plug on the road at high speed, large trucks are generally difficult to observe the rear of the trend, so that the "speed grilled goods" gangs often succeed. In addition, due to the suspect will generally choose to commit the crime in the early morning, high-speed road vehicles less, not easy to be found.相关的主题文章: