The Arrived Of The Electro-cumbia, Sonidero Travesura-onavo protect

Music In an industrial city such as Tijuana, there are two types of music you can listen in the streets. Banda music, or Santana. Maybe the last one not all the time. Even though Santana has been of great inspiration to other local musicians, and is a true icon around the musicians of Tijuana and Mexico, time has change and now independent musicians and artists are creating new things with other sounds in mind. Turning their look into their own roots, the local musicians have been experimenting with the sounds of their own culture. The sounds of Mexico. Bands like Nortec and Kinky in the late 90’s presented this tendency by combining classic banda and norteo elements to the electronic music techniques and style. But their tendency was inspired by the sounds in their surroundings. Sonidero Travesura integrates different syltes and rythms mainly latin-american such as cumbia and salsa with disco, funk and jazz. Creating a fusion between generes that is unique among the music scene in Mexico. Even though their music involves using synthesizers, their music is 100% authentic. They play live instruments and no music is programmed. Their particular music has been reason of many concerts around the country. Even at major cities like Guadalajara, and Mexico City. You can find them on the social networks and if you’re visiting Tijuana, you may want to check for the shows. Sonidero Travesura has participate in with other bands and musicians like Glass Candy, Nortec, Los Desconocidos de Durango, Silverio, Maria Daniela and her Lasser Sound, Disco Ruido (Noise Disco), Celso Pia, Los Alacranes, Banda la Bufadora, Jumbo, Volovan, The Rapture, Calle 13 y many more. If you want to know more about these guys, check out the following videos: Sonidero Travesura – Amor de Menstruacin MTV Iggy Interview with Sonidero Travesura About the Author: Hi, I’m J.C., I live in Tijuana, visit my site .mylittletj.. to know more about what’s taken place in the city. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: