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The autumn wind day car maintenance Daquan don’t understand this you must suffer the Sohu’s most recent weather with a rain, the temperature suddenly dropped a lot. Many of my friends say autumn clothes could wear, just a winter feeling. The weather is also a continuous rain or windy, with the arrival of the autumn, accompanied by the wind and dust, windy days, dust days, car paint also need to adjust the maintenance. The vehicle on the outside, affect the vehicle performance and service life directly affects the external factor is the external weather conditions change, auto parts are prone to change in the change of the driving environment, the driver would talk about the old today windy and dusty weather in the car maintenance. Windy weather is cool. Many of my friends think as long as it is not a dangerous situation such stormy weather will not cause the damage of automobile parts. The old driver must clearly point out that this is a misunderstanding, we must first understand that after wind will drive the air flow, will take up the dust on the ground surface flow, once the pollutants enter into the key position of auto parts, the loss will cause the vehicle. Sealed to protect the wind blowing dust, sand, so that the surface of the body to scratch the scars, not only ugly, clean up is also very troublesome. The wind will bring up some micro particles, or dust and other pollutants, easy to scratch the window glass and other auto parts, also easy to mix filter parts, ready for cleaning dust and external maintenance is imperative. Therefore, the owner of the car in advance to check carefully whether there is aging, degumming, cracking phenomenon, if necessary, replace the aging of the sealing strip, and enhance the car seal to prevent the sand into. The old driver reminds you to use as little as possible the outer circulation mode of air conditioning, avoid a lot of dust into the car. The interior protection of the wind will take away a lot of water vapor in the air, the air becomes dry, it is easy to become dry the inside of the car, if the car seat more edgy, will produce electrostatic influence vehicle performance, good electrostatic prevention is more important. After the strong wind days, the most important thing to pay attention to when cleaning dust may be caused by abrasions. In addition, we need to remind everyone is to pay special attention to some of the subtleties of the clean-up work. Paint protection after the dust weather in order to protect the paint for glazing, owners to wax the car, it is best to have a new car paint glazing, which can increase the strength of the paint, prevent small scratches caused by sand blowing in the body when. Clean the air filter dust weather, dust in the air will be many times more than usual, car air filter will be attached to a lot of dust, so when after dust weather, we should put the air filter out, clean up the dust on it, so as not to affect the engine air intake, which is of great help to reduce fuel consumption. Can also choose to paint plated crystal, it refers to the formation of inorganic matter completely onto the surface of the glass crystal protective layer, thereby affecting paint protection from external contamination and impurities in a certain period of time, to reach the efficacy of paint oxidation, easy to clean and beautiful. The crystal has hardness, oxidation, flexibility and water repellency.相关的主题文章: