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UnCategorized Though it may vary slightly from one state to the next, the average cost of a funeral in the United States ranges from $12-15,000. This is heavily dependent upon the type of funeral a family chooses. At present, there are pre-paid insurance plans available for "End of Life" expenses. It’s important, however, to read any of these type policies very carefully. One of the most important things to consider is the ratio of possible increase in cost to the current policy price, and the expediency of the need. When the policy is to be surrendered for a funeral, the time of bereavement shouldn’t be marred by a huge increase in funeral expenses above what the policy included. Funeral expenses begin with the cost of transportation from home or hospital to the chosen funeral site. Funeral costs often include this as well as the length of time the funeral home will be in use for the viewing hours. If there are relatives long distance, an additional day for viewing before burial may be necessary in order to facilitate travel time to the funeral. Funeral costs vary for another reason: choice of interment site. Depending on the cemetery, costs to "open" a new grave are generally more expensive than a burial plot that has been in the family possession. It’s important to remember that the burial plot can be designed for a single burial unit and two, four and eight plot units for families. The cost of an engraved gravestone for a single burial plot averages from $1200-$2000, installed. Larger gravestones for family burial plots are slightly higher. The cost for interment in a mausoleum depends on the size. Many of these range from $25-50,000, depending on the number of people to be interred there. Check with the cemetery for guidelines on allowable sizes for mausoleums. Many cemeteries also have above-ground burial plots with interment in a specially built mausoleum for general use. The cost of a funeral may increase if there are special arrangements for burial, such as an out-of-state burial where the deceased has lived the latter part of their life in one state but wishes burial in the state of their birth. In this case, airline transportation costs may be additional. If there is to be a funeral cortege, any additional limousines cost extra. Usually, funeral costs cover one limousines to transport flowers to the cemetery and one limousine to transport 4-6 immediate family members or others closely related to the deceased. If a non-standard funeral announcement is to be forwarded for local publication or long distance publication, this can add to funeral costs as well. Modern funeral facilities also offer video memorials. These may be at an additional cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: