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The ballet "offbeat" Wukong Zhengyi Chen Daoming China first pinch – Sohu   entertainment; "controversial" offbeat drama Wukong Sohu Beijing TV entertainment news "the image" Chinese heritage since its launch, it received a wide attention and high praise, and the interaction between the observer is aspect full, for the show considerably. In the third phase of the program will be broadcast this Sunday, more brilliant performance will continue to be staged, you do not feel the same audio-visual feast, enjoy the unique traditional culture and art China. Here, from Xinjiang, the most authentic Dao Lang Muqam performances, they will be the western native folk culture in the most vivid show to the vast number of TV viewers. This program will take you to enjoy playing different music, to subvert the traditional folk music forms: like drama and like concert performances, traditional art collocation of modern aesthetic mode allows you to find everything fresh and new. Show Chen Daoming encounter in the play old classmates, sparked a bid beyond all expectations between Chen Daoming and Congress; and also because of a little offbeat drama "monkey" launched "chunqiangshezhan". What are the secrets of Chen Daoming’s college days? "Ballet" Wukong and why caused huge differences between observers? 21:08 on Sunday night, Beijing satellite TV for you to answer the answer. Chen Daoming "occasional" old classmates for fun in public for the first time in this episode, from Xinjiang art troupe of performers brought a joy of the original song and dance "Dao Lang Macy & P", won the audience’s prolonged applause. Original ecological ethnic performances, so observers, youth groups and the audience can not help but follow the rhythm of the dance together. China is in the "Maqam" Heritage under the leadership, staged a passion "dance with the dancers, to the climax scene atmosphere instantly. Zhu Dan said, this is full of power and passion for dance and let her see the western history, but also aroused her strong curiosity. It’s interesting to see that a dancer who came to the scene turned out to be Chen Daoming’s classmate. Two people meet each other is not seen for many years, "broke open mode", each student broke the fun of chasing girls, Chen Daoming revealed the unknown "drama of secret history", attracted the audience a booing. The teacher has always been a gentle way unexpectedly unexpectedly Tucao: how fat you! Not long before this!" Offbeat version of "Wukong Zhengyi Chen Daoming" China scene "war" "Dao Lang Mukamu" brought a piece of laughter, "to see a way to" see audible music, folk music has given new life, and the way of performing "offbeat" Wukong is led to the scene of cultural dispute between observers. Chen Daoming and China launched a fierce "chunqiangshezhan". In this version of the ballet, Sun Wukong’s "Monkey King" image of subversion, in order to become a struggling family, love the flesh and blood of the soul. Such bold innovation has also attracted two extreme reactions, some of the youth group that the script is very innovative, while the other part of the Youth League that the story out of the image of Sun Wukong. Not green.相关的主题文章: