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The BIGBANG victory was filling wine club video exposure stick Dance – hook shoulder sister Beijing Beijing in August 26, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud news, 5 members of the Korean group BIGBANG has a unique personality charm, the youngest member of victory, humorous and funny, outgoing personality is not contrived, very popular in the circle of fans. However, the top star aura, he has done anything will be scrutinized, following the day before, because after high iron socks "foot hanging window" to boom, recently has been suspected in the nightclub was filling wine, with sister dance film outflow, causing the fans attention. 25, the network crazy pass a film, a body, face spirit victory blond man by another man raised his chin to feed the wine, after the film also appeared the suspected men close to victory, one wearing a white shirt company, then sideways seems to be in the left cheek kiss picture., set off a heated discussion users that the man is not exactly a victory. Some netizens pointed out that look really like victory from the side, but because of his recent hair color is dark, so that this film is not the most recent, one netizen even accurately pointed out that day is a "business talks", but is still unable to confirm the authenticity, and he and friends of women in the nightclub interactive, most fans that there is no wrong: "every 20 meters who in a nightclub?" Even more behind the public figures can also have the right to play in a club, and he is a young man of more than and 20 years old, commonplace things to drink and dance is.相关的主题文章: