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The blood to cheat Jinlong automobile profits dragged into the original title: anti cheat fill out the fraudulent Jinlong automobile subsidies for new energy vehicles, Jinlong automobile (600686) a subsidiary of United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou dragon") is subject to heavy penalties. Not only to be recovered from the central government allocated about 519 million 200 thousand yuan of funds, but also an additional $259 million 600 thousand to bear a huge fines, and Jinlong car will therefore reduce the net profit attributable to about $315 million 400 thousand. Jinlong automobile as an important suction gold weapon, Suzhou Golden Dragon is now a drag on the company’s performance. Not only that, Jinlong automobile will also bear the additional risks brought about by fraud scandal. Suzhou Jinlong was heavy yesterday morning, Jinlong automobile issued a "on the receipt of matters of administrative penalty notice" Notice of the Ministry of finance. The subsidiary of Suzhou Jinlong because of new energy vehicles, cheat up and be fined, recover subsidies and penalties of funds up to a total of about 779 million yuan, at the same time, Suzhou Jinlong also cancelled the central financial subsidy eligibility. It is understood that this year 2-3 month, the Ministry of Finance organized inspection group of Suzhou Jinlong 2013-2015 promote the application of new energy automotive management and use of grant funds to carry out a special inspection, however, Suzhou Jinlong but failed to withstand examination. As of the day of the inspection, Suzhou Golden Dragon in the new energy vehicles to declare 2015 the year of the central financial subsidy funds, there are 1683 cars by the end of 2015 has not yet completed, but early in 2015 for a motor vehicle driving license, do not meet the reporting conditions, involving the central financial subsidy funds of about 519 million 200 thousand yuan. In fact, as early as September 8th, the Ministry of Finance official website had released "on the local public budgets and inform" special inspection of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds, exposure of 5 new energy vehicles subsidy fraud case. Among them, the Suzhou Golden Dragon is to cheat the amount of 519 million 200 thousand yuan topped the list. According to the Suzhou Jinlong cheat up behavior, the Ministry of finance has made heavy penalties on the. Including Suzhou Jinlong will recover in 2015 the central government earmarked funds of about 519 million 200 thousand yuan, and intends to make administrative punishment according to the amount of irregularities 50% be about to pay a fine of 259 million 600 thousand yuan in Suzhou Jinlong, and from 2016 onwards canceled Suzhou Jinlong central financial subsidy eligibility, when the recovery will depend on Suzhou Jinlong rectification and re examination and approval according to the procedure. Sources of profitability as a result of the drag as an important source of profit of Jinlong automobile, Suzhou Jinlong fined no doubt on the performance of Jinlong automobile also caused a huge impact. It is understood that Jinlong automobile indirectly holds 45% stake in Suzhou jinlong. Jinlong automobile 2015 annual report shows that Suzhou Golden Dragon last year operating income of 10 billion 484 million yuan, net profit of $481 million. In the first half of this year, Suzhou Jinlong operating income of 5 billion 198 million yuan, an increase of 30.54%, net profit of $55 million 658 thousand and 500, down by 60.71%. The decline in the performance at the same time, Suzhou Jinlong cheat scandal has been exposed, and be fined, in相关的主题文章: