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The bus caught fire 46 children rescued a day before the autumn emergency drills (Figure) – Beijing News the day before yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou Nansha Port Road on the bus suddenly caught fire, passing three border officers and teachers, the driver together to save 46 children. After a day to save the event, in the face of the media, Luo Junlin and Yin Zihui said: wearing a military uniform, rushed to help is an unshirkable responsibility." In the successful handling of the school bus fire behind the little-known story? Guangzhou Daily reporter yesterday went to the Guangdong provincial public security border Corps training base visited the rescue officers and men. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Qin Song, Shen Hui, Zhang Danyang Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Shao Quanda Chen Xiaoping, Zhang Yitao Chen Haoqi, yesterday afternoon, 3 officers and teachers, the driver rescued 46 students by the media after the incident, three kind of border officers became public hero. Yesterday morning, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Frontier Corps training base, just finished a round of examination of Luo Junlin told reporters, save more than three of us, there are other good people." The 3 car consists of "barrier" in the rescue of three soldiers escorted the teachers and students at the same time, a local license plate of the car and road construction repair has stopped in front of the police station. Luo Junlin said, initially, everyone’s idea is to use three cars across the space as temporary shelters, but at the time the sun is very strong, a man on the car to remind children may be drying heat stroke, so decided to transfer to the children and the first toll station. High speed road two hundred or three hundred meters away, it just experienced fire escape children, somewhat difficult". Not after discussion, Ning Huajian hurried to the front line as "leader", the female teacher standing in the middle of the team "command", Luo Junlin to the team at the end of "postponed", Yin Zihui got into the car driver open the double flash, slowly. Three a dual strobe lights the car slowly forward, into a "mobile fence", escorted the children to the toll station. Luo Junlin said, there is a little distance from the toll station, two toll station staff came trotting along, they let the teachers and students transferred to the toll station staff Rest Area left front gate, and temporarily put aside all the gate of the railing, until all the teachers and students through to Rest Area before re opening the railing. Three people have fate to save a tacit understanding of the media, Luo Junlin and Yin Zihui admitted that some were surprised to. These are not big things, wearing uniforms, driving a police car, rushed to help is our bounden duty." Let them happy is that the scene of three people have a tacit understanding of the division of labor. "Just in front of the parking will be asked whether Ning Huajian will operate the fire extinguisher, after determining, we did not speak again." Yin Zihui said. In Luo Junlin’s view, there are three people between the fate too wonderful for words. "My son and Hui was born on 1987, the same year was assigned to the Jiangmen frontier inspection station, and was seconded to the Department of political authority. And I went to Huajian is troops grassroots squadron in 2012 with the first batch of recruits." Luo Junlin said. Three train and live in the same camp, ".相关的主题文章: