The center of the world new special ouhao talk entertainment Sohu – Zhang

"The center of the world" new edition of Zhang Huiwen ouhao talk – Sohu Zhang Huiwen entertainment Ou Hao hold Ou Hao Zhang Huiwen sentimental love ouhao Zhang Huiwen listened carefully to the [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by Ou Hao, Zhang Huiwen, Yang an idol cast led by violet three love movies "call for love" is in August 26th with the national audience in the center of the world, today announced a special edition of the film. As adapted from the famous IP film, called "listen to the voice of love for the world" video, showing the film in Ou Hao and Zhang Huiwen love the most beautiful moment of the fragment, while the number of classic youth love film interspersed with Kodak against the background under the summer and tell each other the soul like narration and artistic conception distant words, time forever, love endless memories drip. In addition the special edition is also the first exposure picture studio movie bit interactive drama wonderful time shows between the lines. Have Ou Hao your place is the center of the world Zhang Huiwen talk Let the time forever "I have something hidden in the bottom of my heart do you know" with the strong flavor of the words of this talk, "listen to the voice of love for the world series, with ouhao played Kodak and Zhang Hui played for the narrator from Wen, with one text in the picture, the two main characters to talk the way, taking a dialogue, showing a beautiful memory forever for the audience. Adult Kodak re open in those years, buried in the bottom of the dusty past years, and when the young angel girl — summer. Fresh summer, boys and girls shy ignorant youth, "only if the first sign of life" as the beautiful memories of the first love of the beautiful shows between the lines. "I want to tell you, I will always be with you", is from the heart of the monologue. While in another time limit, the Kodak affair one response, he thanks the support along the way, "I have been here for a lonely soul is the best consolation. Ou Hao and Zhang Huiwen v. as the narrator and images of distant mood words, "good time is always fleeting, is of good time yesterday is not, will have to experience growing pains in life, to express one cure. At the same time in the episode, interspersed with a large number of classic love movie, whether it is a "Asia Youth Film originator" said the Japanese version of the old "call for love" in the center of the world, or the director Guo Zairong’s classic "My Sassy Girl", "classic", and even the recent the Chinese movie "," rush that "my girlhood" and other works, talk perfectly fit the fragmentation of image and Ou Hao, Zhang Huiwen. With "I want to loudly say to you", leading several movies call the man name fragment presented one by one, as if this moment of time forever, "we will never be apart" on behalf of countless classic love movie in one youth theme — "where you are is the center of the world". New behind the scenes first exposure ouhao Zhang Huiwen sweet interaction the first week is expected to hit a strong reputation: in addition, "listen to the world calls for the sound of love" featurette.相关的主题文章: