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The Chinese students online shopping duck only received empty overseas mail order difficult – the new network in new network on 29 August, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the electricity supplier after the rise of many overseas Chinese, especially students, have to buy China food sent to the American experience on the internet. Customs often confiscate meat or plants, and regulations seem to be constantly changing. Some people aim at business opportunities, do meat snacks purchasing, earn high profits. The Chinese students studying in the United States. Students, because love Lo snacks, but in the United States eat less than the taste of home, some time ago some duck, duck gizzard mail and other snacks in a certain brand of vacuum packaging on the official website of the United states. Half a month after received the parcel, open unexpectedly is empty, only one left there by the Federal Ministry of agriculture. Note that the parcel in San Francisco customs, because the box products comply with the import regulations, the Ministry of agriculture, the United States postal service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) jointly authorized law enforcement, the confiscation of products, and let the students to notify the sender. This makes Ann students very confused, she had bought the site in the past, but also that the United States is the official website of the brand, it should not be such a problem. She suspected recent U.S. Customs checks become strict. The official website of the United States did not respond to the official website, but the director of the CBP Public Affairs Office in San Francisco, Frank Falcon denied a sample of strict speculation. He said that only the Federal Department of agriculture may sometimes modify certain types of goods, when CBP began to implement the latest regulations. Restrictions on animal and plant products are indeed more stringent, even if human consumption does not matter, but sometimes it may carry pests and viruses, threats to Native American crops and animals. But seafood is not in the animal and plant category. Even at the risk of being confiscated by the customs, some "chowhound" is still diligently from mainland or Taiwan area mail order food China. "Because here the price of purchasing enough confiscated several times," Faye said students, many snacks purchasing small business people, mostly from the trustee incidentally, then began to increase selling in the United states. For example, she sold only a few cents in the Chinese dried meat floss cake, can bring us $1.5. Faye think so too lucrative purchasing snacks, still many repeatedly war from the overseas mail order. "But think carefully to do it is not easy to buy it," she said, in addition to the risk of being confiscated by the customs and Excise Department is not every day people can return home, selling so expensive is also a reason. According to her experience, seafood is really no problem, fish, shrimp and other smooth clearance. Towhere express company responsible Wu Jiawen said, according to his experience, from the Chinese post meat products to the United States the best use of Chinese post, "Chinese post EMS is likely to come in," he said the United States Customs checks on China postal rate is only about 40%, some purchasing Chinese produced cigarettes also rely on China postal clearance. If once found it is difficult to get back, please unless special customs clearance company, provide proof of these meat products in accordance with the import and export requirements, complete clearance form, forensics and other formalities for customs clearance.相关的主题文章: