The debt equity swap program is expected to recently introduced a multi pronged disposal of non-perf

The debt equity swap program is expected to recently introduced a multi pronged disposal of non-performing assets of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Multi pronged disposal of non-performing assets of recent media reports, led by the NDRC debt plan is expected to recently introduced, may be the fastest in 9 months late. Commercial banks or one of the leading parties, the first batch of pilot banks may be dominated by large state-owned commercial banks. This year, people have discussed the debt has been to the bank as the main bank of the enterprise, will assume debt (mainly non-performing loans) for the enterprise’s equity. It seems that this is not only conducive to reducing the bank’s non-performing loan ratio, but also help to reduce the financing costs of enterprises. But as we all know, the bank non-performing loans debt problems. First of all, there are legal obstacles. "Commercial bank law" stipulates that commercial banks may not invest in the non bank financial institutions and enterprises, for the shares shall be handled within two years of the date of obtaining. If banks are allowed to directly convert non-performing loans into equity, it is difficult to comply with the law. If beyond this law, that means restructuring the financial system, China stakes in. Secondly, it will accumulate more financial risks. Banks will be directly converted into non-performing loans, only short-term improvement in the performance of the book on the bank, so that the risk of non-performing loans delayed outbreak, a considerable portion of the equity will eventually lose. Moreover, after the bank becomes a shareholder, may increase the loan support to the enterprise, if the enterprise is not operating properly, the risk of the bank will be enlarged. Therefore, dominated by banks debt is difficult to set up. The last round of debt is to be operated by Asset Management Co. 1999 has set up four Asset Management Co, the acquisition, management and disposal of state-owned banks to divest non-performing assets. Banks will be stripped of non-performing assets to Asset Management Co, rather than into the enterprise equity. Debt is an important way for Asset Management Co to dispose of bad assets, but this has nothing to do with the bank. Not long ago, the State Council issued the "real economy" program to reduce the enterprise cost, proposed to increase efforts to dispose of non-performing assets, including the content of debt. Media coverage of this. However, the program is to support the development potential of the real economy between the enterprise equity transfer". Financial institutions are clearly not real economic enterprises. It can be said that this sentence actually recognized bank dominated debt. This statement also reflects the importance of corporate debt disposal. Real estate enterprise debt financing arising from bad assets, creditors may be banks and other financial institutions, may also be another entity of economic enterprises. We are very concerned about the disposal of non-performing assets of banks, but not enough attention to the disposal of non-performing assets of non-financial enterprises. In fact, the accumulation of non-performing assets of non-financial enterprises is also a large number, but also need to find ways to deal with and digest. Huarong (the largest Asset Management Co) 2015 annual report shows that its non-performing loans into financial non-performing assets and non financial bad assets according to the acquisition of the source相关的主题文章: