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Travel-and-Leisure Kerala is a small state situated in the south of India along the Western Ghats, and is home to breathtaking scenic beauty, plenty of local attractions and ever so delicious cuisines makes it a must visit travel destination. Apart from all the amazing natural and landscapic attractions to be seen in Kerala, the Cuisines is a must try for anyone visiting the city. So look no further, hop aboard and enjoy a whirlwind ride through all types of tastes. From Sour to Bitter to Sweet to Spicy you can relish it all in the Cuisines of Kerala. Kerala, also known as the land of Spices, is famous for its cuisine all over the world. Traditionally, food is served on a banana leaf, but some now serve it on steel plates. Kerala is known for its spicy and hot foods and the state has a rich, distinct cuisine. Coconut, spices and banana being widely available in the region are generously used in most of the local dishes that give a pungent flavour and unique taste to the delicacies. The staple food of the state is rice. Cassava is also another chief ingredient used in cooking. Rice or cassava is served with side dishes, which are vegetables, meat or fish or a .bination of all of them. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, rice is the main ingredient used in all the food preparations. Deep fried savoury doughnuts made of chickpea flour called Vada, and circular steamed rice cakes, called Idlis are served in the breakfast. These are served along with Sambar, a sour and hot soup like dish prepared with lentils, and chutney prepared by grinding coconut and seasoned with various spices. Boiled rice, taken along with moru ( buttermilk ) or rasam ( pepper water in which tomatoes are boiled, a sort of soup ), and a wide variety of bolied vegetables constitute the midday meal. Mixed with hot spices, pachadi is a glorious dish, cooked as it is with tiny pieces of mango and mixed with spices. Pulses prepared with vegetables is Sambar, which is more or a less a must for the Keralite. Another dish is thoran, a coconut based dry fish dish. It is mixed with minutely chopped vegetables. Pappadams, crunchy round flakes made up of rice flour and pickles ( mango, lime, fish, prawn, pork, sardine, garlic, tender mango etc ) are a must for the Keralites. The lunch and dinner is usually rice ac.panied by vegetable curries or non-vegetarian dishes. Dry and sauteed vegetables are called upperis, rasam, banana chips and moru or buttermilk are part of lunch or dinner menu. Some popular vegetarian dishes are Aviyal, Sambar, Thoran, Kaalan, Olan, Puliinji, Erisherry, Payaru and Pulisherry. In the non-vegetarian food dishes of Kerala, stew of mutton, chicken or fish is very .mon. Among the many light snack items, banana and jackfruit chips are much enjoyed by the local people. These light snack items can give even the more popular French Fries and potato chips a tough .petition. No wonder, they are much sought after food items elsewhere too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: