The Desire For Diamonds Has Driven Humans To Amazing Limits-havd707

UnCategorized For centuries people have dug for them, went in debt for them, some have even stole for them. The in.parable diamond has caused the world over to fall in love with them, the temptation and desire to own them really is simply irresistible. There is nothing a woman can wear that makes her feel more beautiful than diamonds. When men wear them they might not feel beautiful, but it does give them a feeling of power and success that they do not get from wearing any other gem stone. The power of the diamond to alter someones state of mind is magical. No one can really explain how they weave this unmatchable spell over people. Diamonds were first discovered in India several thousand years ago, but did not begin to infiltrate Europe until around the 12th century. In the beginning of this era, only the kings and queens of royalty had access to diamonds. It was not until later that other minor peerage began to wear them. The first .moner recorded to have worn diamonds was Agnes Sorel. She was a well known mistress to King Charles VII of France in the middle of the 15th century. Until Agnes, there were laws forbidding anyone but nobles and clergy to wear the mystifying stones, but at that time if you were a mistress of the king, in some cases you might be above the law. In her case, since the diamonds she received was from the king himself, so no one dared to question her. When in the 1870’s the famous mines of South Africa were discovered, the diamonds popularity with average people began an escalation that has never stopped and has gained momentum ever since. Of coarse, the largest and most famous diamonds are still associated with only royalty and the very rich. Those of us with average are generally lucky to own a diamond of one to three carets. Even diamonds of less than one caret are treasured by the men and women who own them. These smaller diamonds are .monly given as gifts and are always received with great gratitude. It seems that with a diamond, the size of the stone is not necessarily a factor. It is more just the fact that you are wearing one that gives a great satisfaction. Everyone would love to own bigger diamonds, but if you can not afford bigger, then smaller will do About the Author: 相关的主题文章: