The driver of the secret excellent step ghost car operation passengers can not be canceled, nor the meyou

The driver yuho ghost car operation: passengers can not be canceled, but also the right to confirm according to news reports, recently, the country has many taxi software users suspected suffered a "ghost train", the vehicle has not reached the user orders the software display location, start the trip, and end in a short period of time, direct debit. This allows many users are scratching their heads, ghost car is how to operate? Where is the crux of the problem? The day before, a net about car driver to the media to expose the ghost car after the connection of single. "You can directly help him start the trip, this time you can charge, no passengers to confirm that passengers can not be canceled. Even if the passengers will have to cancel the cancellation of the cost of starting passengers, and then I can direct it to complete the trip, which does not require passengers to confirm." An anonymous network about the car driver demo, passengers after the order to either start or end the trip, charge, all by the driver control. Passengers can not cancel the order, but also the right to confirm that the network about the car platform will not be real-time supervision. "Complaints take screenshots, email, but also excellent step background manual for your confirmation, you do not run this single, no car, it will take ten yuan refund to your alipay." The above driver said. According to the experience, in the registration process, several large network about the car platform will be the driver’s identity to verify in real time, even if the registration is successful, you need to upload driver’s license, driving license, vehicle insurance policies and other information. However, seemingly standardized process, there are still loopholes behind drill. A network about car information service intermediary said, just provide cell phone number, vehicle type, color information can be registered. Reporters to provide vacant registration number, and paid 150 yuan registration fee, waiting for the next two days will receive a new network about car account. "Get the account, I successfully landed on the net about car driver drops, now I only need one click, the information from the driver to the vehicle information, all fake accounts, you can smoothly orders." The reporter then click on the next button, the platform automatically began to recommend passenger orders. Insiders pointed out that the network about the car platform as the main business network about the car, there is a responsibility to confirm the platform of the operation of the vehicle is true and legitimate, but also the obligation to protect the interests of consumers. Network about the new car will be officially implemented in November 1, 2016, in encouraging the network about the new car industry, but also made more stringent requirements. How to make the network about the legitimate and orderly development of the car platform, to better protect the interests of consumers, it is worth operating and regulatory authorities seriously. Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Standford", can obtain "Stanford University: 2030 artificial intelligence and life" Report Download link.相关的主题文章: