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The elimination of small yellow figure big sword X pockets in the data scene to do deep penetration, really help users to shorten the distance from idea to product, seven cattle has been the mission. From 2011 to date, around the data management to create a scene of PaaS, we have served more than fifty customers, carrying more than 200 billion pictures, 1 billion hours of video. On the Internet developers, one-stop online data management must contain data for zero maintenance, high availability and high performance data processing services, in order to easily deal with pictures, video and other types of data real-time, asynchronous processing scene. At present, data processing services, seven cattle has provided daily number of nearly ten billion times, in addition to providing the basis of data processing, but also the container technology to create a scalable, easy deployment, high degree of freedom of the custom data access platform based on compatible with the seven data processing services for seamless cattle, the formation of ecological system based on the data of rich media. "X" is the introduction of these pockets of rich media data processing services in a column. In recent years, mobile social class, UGC platform, App a large number of emerging, but in the face of a large number of users upload pictures every day, the traditional Kam Wong Division also busy over? To create a healthy social ecology has become the key to long-term development of these platforms, App, efficient and accurate identification and elimination of pornographic information has become an urgent task. Seven cattle cloud to focus on the technology of image recognition technology launched the yellow picture design service, can judge the save in the seven cattle cloud pictures are obscene, sexy or normal, and estimate the scores, the higher the score for the judgment of the probability of the larger category. Picture is how to achieve Kam Huang? Image authentication is a kind of image recognition technology based on deep learning. In simple terms: to imitate the human brain mechanism to analyze the data, so that the machine learn to extract the discriminant features, thus eliminating the process of artificial selection. The working principle can be summarized as follows: the analysis of images (color, posture, scene); – interactive behavior analysis (file name, open the upload time); – (fingerprint feature library analysis with different Kubica); – operation management (user reports, administrator identification, identification of the Yellow Division); – evolution (update trust, trust list of pornographic websites update image library, update the file keyword blacklist). The ability and advantage of the image Kam service 1 cost reduction while efficiency is greatly improved. Kam Wong division of the average daily audit of the number of pictures can only be handled in 30 thousand or so, the machine can be a day of trial 900 million. Kam service based on large-scale GPU supercomputer platform, large batch concurrent up to 0.02 seconds of response speed, while ensuring stability, greatly improving the efficiency of the audit, effectively reduce the operating costs of enterprises. 2 accuracy, less misjudgment. According to the results of the third party service provider evaluation shows that the accuracy of the seven cattle platform Kam service more than 99.5%, you can see相关的主题文章: