The father of 6 daughters 1 meters tall 1 meters tall and Super 8 Yuzuo paternity aquaria

The father of 6 daughters 1 meters tall 1 meters tall and Super 8 Yuzuo paternity with his daughter grow up tall as "outrageous" identification report her name and date of birth, wrong…… Question 7 years ago paternity problems men sued the provincial hospital to identify her daughter in the end is not my silent song in 2014 to visit her daughter, 14 year old daughter Song Xiaochang to 1 meters 8. He and his ex-wife are only 1 meters more than and 6, the daughter has grown so high, looks like, I suspect that my daughter is not mine". Song asked to do a paternity test, was rejected by his ex-wife. Think of his hand that even her name and date of birth, have mistaken identification report, the seed of doubt had a silent song of the big trees, "I am 100 percent sure that this is not my daughter". July 2016, the song will give him to do the paternity of the provincial people’s hospital to court. In September 7th, Haikou Xiuying District Court hearing the case of medical service contract disputes. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter He Huirong 1 doubt he and his ex-wife are more than and 6 daughter is only 1 meters 1 meters tall and Super 8 Song Silent in fact already suspected that Song Xiao is not his daughter, he and his ex-wife Wu Yun in marriage, so they repeatedly quarrel. Later, the two decided to divorce. In the divorce agreement, the two agreed to sing a song and song Xiao paternity test. At the end of July 2009, the song Mo and Wu Yun came to the provincial people’s Hospital, handle the formalities. Song still remember, signed a contract on the same day he paid 2400 yuan, the hospital did not allow him to leave contact. He and his daughter took blood samples on the second week of Monday. At the beginning of August, the paternity test center of Provincial People’s Hospital (the second half of 2010 has not issued the identification report) confirmed that Song Mohe Song Xiao has blood relationship. This identification, let Molve a heart song. But as his daughter grew up, his suspicions began to grow again. Daughter grew up to 1 meters, I and ex-wife Wu Yun height are 1 meters more than and 6, but also do not look like, Song Silent in the trial, said in 2014, he proposed to do with the paternity test again, Wu Yun. This time, Wu Yun disagreed. Wu Yun said to Song Mo, her daughter has grown up, and then do a paternity test for her too much harm. Song Mo insisted on a result, with Wu Yun after unsuccessful communication, he filed a lawsuit to the court. At that time, the court accepted the appraisal report issued by the provincial people’s Hospital, dismissed the claims of silent song. Since then, Wu Yun mother and daughter do not pay attention to song silence. Song did not want to give up, only the revocation of the identification report, in order to do a identification, Song said that the identification of a single report confirmed invalid, he can ask his ex-wife to let him and Song Xiao do identification. The 2 question her name date of birth are wrong hospital said it is invalid report in addition to the height of her daughter, and looks on their feelings, let Song Mo think paternity test report is not reliable, the song Mo said, paternity itself also has many problems. In the indictment, song Yan cited more than and 10 issues, including the signing of the contract is the provincial people’s Hospital of forensic medical center (now renamed the judiciary)相关的主题文章: