The first half of the divorce flash marriage refund of bride price 40 thousand yuan against the new

The first half of the divorce flash marriage refund 40 thousand yuan bride – losing Beijing Huaxi City reading news (reporter Chen Junjun) flash from the flash marriage, the bride had been the subject of widespread concern in society. Recently, Nanchong City People’s Court of the man and the woman Chen Lee divorce due to demand the return of bride price 40 thousand yuan fee caused by civil disputes, the court of final judgment, the man do not meet the requirements of the "marriage law", the woman not to return the betrothal gifts. 2014, Chen introduced by Lee and acquaintance. After 3 months of communication, the love of the people decided to enter the marriage hall in the two. Before marriage, Chen gave Lee 40 thousand yuan price, then, the two married. After marriage, due to working relationships, the two separated. During the occasional visit to Lee mou. Due to the separation of the two places, the two feelings slowly fade, married six months later, the two divorced. After the divorce, Chen felt and Lee married less than a year on the divorce, Lee should refund the 40 thousand yuan bride price money he had to. For Chen, Lee and his family did not agree, Chen Suiyi of unjust enrichment to the Jialing District People’s court yuanmou. Jialing District People’s court held that, although Lee Chen of the dowry money payment to be recognized, but according to the "marriage law" stipulates that the parties to request the return of the betrothal gifts custom payment, if identified as belonging to the following circumstances, the people’s court shall support: both parties not marriage registration formalities; the marriage registration but did not live together; payment and led to two life difficult. Jialing District People’s court held that because of Chen and Lee’s case does not comply with the relevant provisions of the "marriage law" in, Chen and Lee for the marriage registration and life together, Chen can not prove that the betrothal gifts of money due to the difficulties of life, for their own claims no factual basis, so its advocates of litigation the request, the court will not support.相关的主题文章: