The girl was the death of middle and Primary School of telecommunications fraud data reselling pheno-mia farrow

The girl was the death of middle and Primary School of telecommunications fraud data reselling serious original title: behind Linyi girl cheated death: big data reselling serious primary school in August 19th, has just been admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications in Shandong, Linyi girl Xu Yuyu suffered telecommunications fraud cheated 9900 yuan tuition fees. Xu Yuyu led to the direct cause of fraud, the Department of contact information and receive education grants are leaked. According to the "evening news" reported on August 18th, the day before being cheated, Xu Yuyu received a grant, call from the real education department. Suspected of fraud is "grants" as an excuse to easily win the Xu Yuyu trust, and defrauding 9900 yuan tuition for half the family live frugally saved. 19 evening, Xu Yuyu and his family went to the police station, on the way home, Xu Yuyu suddenly syncope, although the hospital after the rescue efforts of the full two days, but still failed to save her life at the age of 18. The incident has aroused widespread concern. Up to now, WeChat public platform to discuss the matter about 4400 articles, the people’s daily micro-blog client related micro-blog, there have been more than 20 thousand comments. The evening of 23, Linyi public security micro-blog issued a new school will beware of fraud in the name of the name of the warning, the same time, the Linyi police set up a task force to investigate the case. Vigilance is required, according to information released by the Ministry of education, the national grants covering 20% of the national junior college students. According to the National Bureau of statistics, 2015, the national ordinary college enrollment of 7 million 378 thousand people, 26 million 253 thousand students, according to the proportion calculation, freshman enrollment, just receive grants of about 1 million 500 thousand this year, and the school grants to students about 5 million people. They are likely to face the risk of fraud because of financial information disclosure. At present, it is not clear why the disclosure of financial aid information. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications has been contacted with the police, saying that no contact with grants". Informed sources, grants from the application to the issuance of multiple links, each link may disclose information." According to the requirements, the application information includes name, ID card information, contact information, address and other 26 elements.   data is generally not because of reselling the students have the economic ability, and the funds are not sufficient, the student population is not the hardest hit of telecommunications fraud. But this does not mean that the student population safety factor is high. In fact, in contact with reporters in many groups, the student information called the most secure category. Recently, the reporter access to a number of industry insiders reselling user data, of which 3 people told reporters: "as long as you have heard of the school, middle school, primary school, or university, (they have data)." One person told reporters show a well-known Shanghai university data, including student name, student number, gender, age, height, weight, contact, professional and other detailed information. In addition, the source said it can get the national primary and secondary school student information management system, including the number of school, school, enrollment, address, family members, etc.. The person ya相关的主题文章: