The girl’s breasts, with lovely expression was amazing! – Sohu to eat and drink demonophobia

"The girl’s breasts", with lovely expression was amazing! South Korea’s LINE FRIENDS – Sohu and the image series are very cute, can let the girl heart bursting every woman chowhound, recently love the yellow chicken, always want to eat it, it will be cleverly combined with Macarons, both beautiful and delicious to learn together, can show to friends next time it! Video? 110g recipe to Almond Powder 100g 84g 80g a small amount of egg white icing sugar edible pigment (yellow) 120g Cream 50g grapefruit jam 150g icing egg white 15g lemon juice a little edible pigment (orange, black) do slightly almond 1 bowl, sift the flour, icing, sieving, mixing. 2 send egg whites, sugar, dry foam. 3 add yellow food coloring, stir well. 4 a few times add almond powder Frosting mixture, stir until smooth batter forms the ribbon batter into the pastry bag. 5 baking baking paper, as shown in the pan squeeze amount of batter, gently shake the pan, let the batter becomes more flat, room temperature for 30-60 minutes, until the surface of solidification. 6 oven 150 degrees, bake for 12-15 minutes. 7 in a small bowl of cream, grapefruit jam, mix well, filling the sandwich. 8 another small bowl with sugar, egg white, lemon juice, stir, divided into 2 parts, 1 copies and 1 copies of the other orange pigment and black pigment, stir into the piping bag, a mixture of black dotted orange eyes, mouth with a mixture of. Macarons fusion from South Korea’s Sally chicken, add more lovely atmosphere to romantic Macarons Wen Shu Shu honeykki video studio delicacy相关的主题文章: