The gospel of fat a study of 3D printing technology or the solution to childhood obesity

Fat Gospel: study says 3D printing technology or childhood obesity solutions of BI Chinese station reported in September 3rd in the summer in the past, people have seen some encouraging changes after the parents are very anxious to become happy, because their children chose to stay away from the computer and television screens, and actively to the outdoors. Enjoy their summer vacation, although they will still play "Poké mon Go" games like. Nowadays, childhood obesity has become a serious problem. At the same time, the WHO will also be considered as a major challenge in the field of public health in twenty-first Century, childhood obesity. It is a very difficult thing to encourage children to take an active part in outdoor activities in an era of increasing popularity of interactive technology, mobile technology, and long – term video games. However, with the continuous development of technology, convenient wearable behavior monitor pedometer and a large number of online applications, it also gives people understand their daily sports activities provided new opportunities. Incentives such as goal setting, physical activity profiles, real-time feedback, and social support networks are also one of the most important strategies to help people stay alive and active. Of course, for children, more specific measures could lead to better deals. In fact, the "Poké Go"; Mon, the mobile application running maze, Zombies, Run! And for children activity monitoring application of iBitz mobile phone application, visual stimulation for children, can produce incredible results, can help children maintain greater power and sports activities to stimulate children’s interest in participating in physical activities. Recent studies have shown that about 30% of children in the UK are overweight or obese, so it is very important for children to be interested in participating in sports. In addition, childhood obesity can also have a huge impact on adolescence and adulthood, evidence shows that about 80% of obese adolescents continue to be obese in adulthood. In fact, studies have shown that if the current momentum spread, then, by 2025, the world’s male obesity rate will reach 18%, while the rate of obesity in women will reach more than 21%. So how do we get kids to do more exercise? At present, about 1/3 of children do not meet the requirements of the experts recommend a daily 60 minutes of moderate or even strong sports activities. To make matters worse, in some children, physical activity has been replaced by sedentary activities, which include watching TV and playing video games. Some media have previously reported that children spend an average of 8 hours a week playing games, which has been considered to increase the risk of obesity in children. One of the most important reasons why children can not meet the requirements of the above mentioned sports activities is that it is very difficult for children to understand or follow these requirements to carry out daily physical activities. Parents can ask an average of around six years of age in children, ask them what is believed to be "severe" or!相关的主题文章: