The implementation of major projects in effective investment force — from the State C-jinshen

The implementation of major projects in   effective investment force   — from the State Council third large inspection line report three – Politics – original title: the implementation of major projects with effective investment — from the State Council third large inspection line report three Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 23 October, to maintain stable economic development, effective investment to play with steady growth, make up the short board, the key role of structure adjustment. The current central deployment of major projects progress? What are the difficulties and problems in the implementation of the region? Reporters in the State Council during the third major inspection, inspection teams to follow the relevant departments and local frontline, the field to understand the situation. The steady growth of growth potential, major projects around the progress in Guangxi Nanning, the State Council inspection team came fifteenth upstream Bamboo Botanical Garden section (the river river) watershed management project site inspection. Here the sewage treatment plant has been completed construction, equipment installation is basically completed, both sides of the river water plant was a ladder type distribution, creating a colorful Wetland Park scene. As the second installment of the Ministry of finance PPP demonstration project, the river basin management received extensive attention of local people. Nanning City sponge and Watertown Construction Office Deputy Director Peng Dianan introduced, to speed up the construction of the project, led by the principal leaders of Nanning city to promote the coordination of land acquisition and other work at the same time, the introduction of professional consulting institutions to accelerate the preparatory work. From the beginning of the project preparation to the floor, not more than four months before and after the implementation. Started in March last year has been completed investment 92%, will be put into trial operation in October. Steady growth increase stamina, grasping progress to promote the implementation. Since this year, major projects such as railways and highways, shantytowns, major water conservancy project as the representative of China’s progress, add a vigorous power for economic development: — from 1 to September, the national railway fixed assets investment of 542 billion 341 million yuan, is expected annual railway investment will remain at more than 800 billion yuan. From 1 to September, the country completed a total of $1 trillion and 241 billion 220 million in fixed asset investment, accounting for the annual task of 75.2%. – at the end of September, the country started the transformation of all types of shantytowns 5 million 770 thousand housing units, accounting for 96.1% of the annual target task, completed an investment of 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan. In 2016 20 major new water conservancy projects have been approved by the feasibility study report, the remaining projects are stepping up the promotion of the 16. Gansu Hongaishan reservior extension 16 project has started construction. …… According to the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance, responsible person, in order to promote effective investment, as of now has issued 500 billion yuan annual target of the task of 99%. Accelerate issued the central budget for investment, is conducive to private investment in the power shortage "free period", as soon as possible to play a leading role in guiding government investment, accelerate key areas and weak links to make up the short board to further boost investor confidence, enhance the willingness to invest in enterprises, the formation of an important support for the promotion of economic development. 2015 began, the central province of Hunan showed a slight downward trend in investment, the situation is more severe. With the investment in the central budget and the special fund investment相关的主题文章: