The Korean public rallies people asked the President Park Geun hye down – in Beijing demonophobia

The Korean public rallies people asked the President Park Geun hye down – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Seoul (reporter Yao Qilin) in October 29, with South Korean President Park Geun hye cronies do political events continue to simmer, South Korea 29 people in central Seoul held nearly 10000 scale rallies, park Geun hye asked to step down and find out the truth. South Korean civic groups jointly held the evening of 29 mass candlelight vigil in Seoul City Cheonggyecheon square. According to South Korean media reports, the organizers said about 20 thousand people attended the rally, the police estimated the actual size of about 9000 people. The rally people shouted slogans demanding the park to step down, and once tried to Chong Wa Dae the Presidential Palace Road, meeting people and police confrontation. Organizers said the organization will organize a larger scale in November 12th. In addition to Seoul, Busan, Ulsan, Kwangju and other places on the same day also held a similar event. According to reports, South Korean prosecutors told the Chong Wa Dae Office of the President more than the Secretary of the house raids, and tried to enter the Chong Wa Dae of the Secretary’s office to conduct a search, but was refused to the presidential palace. South Korean prosecutors plan to re search the presidential palace on 30. South Korean media said the presidential palace and the prosecution’s opposition will lead to a new round of fear. Park 25 in Chong Wa Dae: "to the National Book", had to close Shunshi Cui speech and other documents leaked prior to apologize to the people of South korea. But after the incident did not subside, doubt and opposition to the ruling new national party as one falls, another rises, also asked Pu Jinhui to quit the internal voice. According to this week’s poll, park Geun hye government’s support rate has dropped to 17%, a record low since it came to power.相关的主题文章: