The latest research shows that the earth’s composition is very similar to the early days of the sola winavi

The latest research shows that the early Earth and the solar system components is very similar to the latest research scientists shows that dust clouds of gas and the formation of the earth "chondrite" group were the same, in the 4 billion 600 million years before the formation of the solar system at the beginning of the material composition in the chondrite is constant. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that a long time, scientists believe that the chemical composition of the earth is the one and only, the conclusion is drawn based on the study of composition of meteorite, meteorite and the earth, formed in the same gas and dust, the earth has a unique display of the isotope. But now a new study shows that the earth is not what we think of as unique, scientists by observing the asteroid belt objects, found that these objects have the same isotopic concentration of the earth, which implies that the earth is not out of the ordinary. The formation of the earth in the dust and gas clouds, called "chondrite meteorites" is a composition of 4 billion 600 million years ago, the early formation of the solar system, the component of meteorites will remain unchanged, which means that the earth’s composition and the early formation of the solar system the same residue. In 2005, this view has been questioned by scientists, they found that the earth more than the existence of a unique isotope. A nd other chondrites implies the earth components of different early formation, in the solar system at present, the latest research at University of Western Ontario in Canada, researchers showed through observations of the asteroid belt and other celestial bodies, they share the same components with the earth. The latest study, published in the recently published journal nature. The researchers found that the formation of the solar system there are a lot of Nd -142 isotopic solids early the oldest, study leader Audrey Bouvier (Audrey Bouvier) said: "in 2005 to the accurate measurement of neodymium isotopes, but there was a different matter, this can be explained by the differences between the earth and the earth is spherical meteorite at the early stage of formation of different the layered structure (mantle, crust and core) of the difference." But new research shows that these isotopes exist in other materials, as old as the solar system. Means that the gas and dust gathered in the early stages of the formation of the solar system. Audrey said: "we found that the solar system formed the earliest primitive material, they are close to the sun, and has the same composition of the earth. The difference of previous studies there was actually formed the intraday period on earth, through the observation of neodymium and samarium isotope, will contribute to the accurate detection of the solar system material evolution, because a stable material, and other substances will soon decay." (yo compile) the whole process of the formation of the earth show相关的主题文章: