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"The mechanic" published 2 Chinese first notice Stenson secret who I was Jason · Stenson gansser directed by Denis · in Western dress and leather shoes; Jason · Stenson, Jessica, Alba, Tommy · · Li · Jones and Michelle Yeoh play the main crime action movie "mechanic 2: Resurrection" will be released in the country the recent. Today, the film side released the first Chinese notice, the theme of "who I am" notice by Jason · Stenson first tone monologue, shows a top master the assassination inner world, and presents a series of exquisite assassinations by breathtaking breathtaking images. After a lapse of five years, Stenson again starred in ruthless killer Arthur · bishop, continue to use the strategy target design exquisite beyond compare, death, the completion of the three assassination thriller index upgrade. "Who am I" secret identity complex incarnation of Stenson deadly ghost today released the film side "who I am" the first Chinese notice by Jason · Stenson confession to first tone tells him in "mechanic 2: Resurrection" in complex identity. With the development of the plot in the film, the thriller murder scene escalation; strong contrast in a calm voice and Statham exciting movie screen, chill feeling dunqi. A means of killing, indifferent accurate, machine like precision cold image of the killer ran out, and this is the origin of the title "mechanic". In the trailer, Jason · Stenson’s killer Arthur · the bishop is afraid monologue: ordinary people how to care about life, I only pay attention to how to die. By this notice, can be learned in the "mechanic 2: Resurrection" Stenson assassination layout has been expanded to the whole world, and heaven or the equal to anything he will open the plane, and photography, he in Western dress and leather shoes a second ago, one second after wearing a blue collar dress, these are all in order to complete a pile the perfect crime. He is not only a killer, but also an assassin, but also the specter of a human life. He strategizing, once shot target will rack the brains, no escape, as the trailer in the last cold monologue "I am mechanic design your death", a top killer of the cold and awe inspiring confidence, had impressed his exquisite killer method. Jason · Stenson drove the plane to kill action still strong Stenson: force yourself not substitute with rapid action, Jason · Stenson became the Hollywood outstanding actor, he created many classic killer role. In 2011, the representative of "Mechanics", Stenson’s killer Arthur · made a few wonderful; Bishop’s assassination now still color. After a lapse of five years, Stenson once again return to the killer, the killer is still manual exquisite beyond compare can not be ignored aspect. In nearly 50 of the shooting action drama, still personally battle, he said proudly: "after all, this is my own work, from the" very people ".相关的主题文章: