The Middle East northeast to low temperatures innovation or early

The Middle East northeast to low temperatures innovation or early winter weather Chinese yesterday (8 days) into the cold dew solar term, affected by cold air, the more windy cool weather. The next two days, with the cold air southward, the lowest temperature in the central and eastern parts of the region in the second half to record lows, the Jiangnan area may fall or early winter, the northeast. At the same time, affected by the typhoon "Aere" and the cold air, Fujian, Guangdong and other coastal areas and parts of the South China Sea and large, need to do a good job in defense. The Middle East northeast to low temperatures innovation or early winter yesterday into a morning dew solar term, Hohhot, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, spent the second half of this year to the cold, which Hohhot after Harbin became the second below the freezing point of the capital city. However, perennial dew into the solar term before Southern Jiangnan area already autumn, but this year, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, the southern area has not meet the standard of autumn meteorology. As of October 7th, most of the southern part of the Yangtze River is still in the meteorological sense of the summer. Is expected today and tomorrow, with the cold air southward, from the northeast to the south, the lowest temperature in most areas will hit a new low in the second half of this year. Cooling will bring Jiangnan into the real autumn. At the same time, northwest, North West and North are expected to be in "free" solar term during the winter. While the Northeast interaction in the cold air and frequent rain, much can advance into the winter northeast gate, the capital city of three possible winter date: October 3rd Harbin, October 4th Shenyang, October 5th Changchun; and northeast of the capital city of three perennial average winter date: October 6th Harbin, October 14th Shenyang, October 17th Changchun, especially for Changchun and Shenyang, the winter is more than 10 days earlier. At present, the Northeast has not yet opened the heating mode to remind local friends must pay attention to warm. "Aere" whirling path in East China coast and the South China Sea with strong wind and rain this year nineteenth typhoon "Aere" (strong tropical storm level) of the center at 5 is located in the northeastern part of the South China Sea Hongkong approximately 340 kilometers south east on the wind near the center there are 10 (25 m / sec). According to the latest forecast circulation situation, due to the high and low altitude air lead avery "is not consistent, high lead and low level typhoon northward, and suppress the role of cold air southward, making it today will still linger in the northeastern South China Sea less dynamic, slowly losing strength; on the morning of 10 will be 10~15 kilometers the speed per hour to the west south direction, gradually to the east of Hainan Island near the sea, the strength to continue to weaken, and will be 12 days before and after in the eastern Hainan Island sea weakened into a tropical depression. At the same time as affected by cold air and the subtropical high, whirling path of Typhoon "Aere". Affected by the cold air and the typhoon circulation, the eastern part of Fujian and the eastern coast of Zhejiang, Southeast of Guangdong and other places heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas of the eastern coast of Fujian. Tomorrow is expected today, typhoon "Aere" trough and the cold air will continue to the southeast coastal manufacturing Kai相关的主题文章: